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Flibbles Demo Offers Peek at the Casual Adventure

Independent game developer Takeback Studios released a demo for their third-person casual adventure game, Flibbles. Available starting December 12, 2021 on Steam, the demo transports players to Flibble Land where they will encounter the purple goo.

Flibble Land is a magical and mysterious kingdom full of cute and adorable creatures. For player’s they should be enjoying a farmer’s life. Plant crops, tend the fields, harvest and enjoy a hard day’s work. However this routine is interrupted by a mysterious foe only known as purple goo. Zapping the joy and happiness from the kingdom, the goo is spreading across the lands, consuming everything in its path.

To fight back against the Purple Goo and save Flibble Land, players will need to collect a variety of Flibbles. Each type of Flibble is unique in appearance and in abilities. Taming and commanding Flibbles will aid in the fight against the goo.

Players can customize their avatar with their surroundings. Combining objects around the world allows for the crafting of useful items. Fishing can give players a chance to tame new and unique Flibbles for their collection. Both single-player and multiplayer options are available.

Flibbles will be available on Windows PC through Steam. The Flibbles Demo is available now on Steam. Future plans from the developer include a release for Nintendo Switch, PS5, and Xbox.

Flibbles Trailer | Takeback Studios

Takeback Studios (@takebackstudios Twitter) is a small indie game studio based in Athens, Greece. Founded in 2021, the studio also offers game development services including full game development, 3D models, and audio composing. Flibbles is the studio’s first PC game on Steam. The studio’s portfolio also includes the Android mobile game Music Dash.