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Bloodhunt Early Access Act 2 Community Patch

Sharkmob released an update that includes Duo mode for Bloodhunt‘s Early Access Act 2 in the form of the Community Patch. The Swedish game developer is listening to feedback from players in the Bloodhunt community and this patch is focused on the many things they have been hearing.

Along with the Community Patch, Sharkmob has also released a new trailer featuring the playable Nosferatu clan. Plus for a limited time players can hop online to collect a free item from the store each day.

Duo’s have arrived in the Vampire: The Masquerade universe set battle royale. In this update Duos is replacing Trios, but Trios fans shouldn’t fret as this mode will return at a future date. Supporting 42 Duos mode maintains a high paced tempo along with the red gas changes in this update.

To keep the game at a fast pace the red gas timing has been tuned and make the initial phase of the game more varied. The initial wait time has went from 90 seconds to 30 seconds. Round 1 has decreased from 215 seconds to 185 seconds. Round 2 and 3 both have been reduced by 25 seconds while Round 4 and 5 remain unchanged. Players can now requeue for a match without having to return to Elysium. Note that party requeuing is not support as of yet. Shorter pre-match and post-match timers, archetype select, and deployment are designed to get players into matches faster.

Kill credit is now only awarded to the player who knocks down a player that is not revived. In other words no more kill stealing on the knocked down players. Assists are also rewarded for dealing a certain amount of damage to an enemy that gets finished by another player or other means.

The Community Patch for Bloodhunt also adds several loot improvements and changes to make the game more welcoming for new players. For example new players will now have several onboarding sessions with a mix of new players and bot which are identified as Cultists. This update also has a wide range of performance improvements and other quality of life changes. A complete break down of changes can be found in the release notes here.

Bloodhunt is available free-to-play on Windows PC through Steam early access. For more information about the game follow @Bloodhunt on Twitter or visit the game’s website at

The Clans of Bloodhunt – Nosferatu Trailer | Sharkmob

Sharkmob (@SharkmobGames Twitter) is a game studio with office locations in Malmö, Sweden and London, United Kingdom. Founded in 2017 the studio utilizes the Unreal Engine to power its AAA quality games for PC and console. In 2019 the studio was acquired by Tencent Games. Currently the studio is working on three unannounced projects.