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Midnight Ghost Hunt First Closed Beta This Halloween Weekend

Coffee Stain Publishing along with developer Vaulted Sky Games will host the first ever Closed Beta for its multiplayer prop hunt game Midnight Ghost Hunt. Some strange is going on this Halloween weekend and there is even a teaser trailer.

It’s five minutes from midnight and the hunt is on for the spooky ghosts. In this thrilling new take on the prop hunt genre players take control of either a hunter or ghost in 4v4 hide-and-seek action. Hunters work together using an array of weapons and hi-tech gadgets to hunt down and destroy ghosts. For example the Spectrophone, Radar, and Pathfinder can detect ghostly presences whereas salt-fill shotguns and sledgehammers can destroy them. Don’t forget to vacuum up the spectral remains.

Every map is filled with an abundance of props which ghosts will use to conceal themselves. By possessing these various objects ghosts can hide from the hunters and survive. Ghosts do need to keep on moving as their ectoplasm will buildup which invites higher risk of hunter detection. Various supernatural powers such as invisibility or object levitation can aid ghosts in evading detection.

When the clock strikes twelve the witching hour begins. If all the ghosts were destroyed before midnight then the hunters win. However if the ghosts survived then the hunters are now the hunted. Ghosts are now supercharged and any previously killed ghosts also return. Hunters will need to do whatever it takes to survive before evac arrives.

We’re so excited for our biggest Midnight Ghost Hunt test yet, as it’s a passion project we’ve been working on for a long time. We’ve been hard at work making great new content & features that are ready for our first closed beta this Halloween weekend, and absolutely cannot wait to hear what everyone thinks as we prepare for launch in 2022.

Samuel Malone, Game Director of Vaulted Sky Games

In 2019, Midnight Ghost Hunt started inviting players to participate in the alpha tests. Since then the game has seen a series of changes and improvements. This first closed beta is still under an NDA as there are new systems and features that have not been tested at scale. The move into beta means that the developers are starting to focus more on polishing and improving existing features rather than creating new gameplay content.

We’re in love with Midnight Ghost Hunt, what it currently is and what it is yet to become. It’s an endless source of inspiration and the team has been working intensively on all the crucial aspects of making Midnight Ghost Hunt the multiplayer game we’ve always wanted to play. It’s absolutely delightful to look back on how well we’ve performed as a distributed team throughout the pandemic, and Sam has been leading us towards his vision with endless positivity. We’ve been having so much fun on our weekly playtests and we’re ecstatic to finally be able to share the latest features with our amazing fans!

Sebastian Badylak, Executive Producer, Coffee Stain Publishing

Those who are interested in getting into the Midnight Ghost Hunt closed beta action can sign up on the game’s website. Everyone who previously received an alpha key will need to reinstall the latest game client from Steam. The closed beta is set to begin at 5PM EDT on Friday, October 29, 2021, and will conclude around 3AM EST on Monday, November 1.

Midnight Ghost Hunt currently has a yet to be announced release date in 2022. Currently listed on Steam, players are invited to add the game to their wishlist now. For more information about Midnight Ghost Hunt follow @PlayMGH on Twitter, join the official Discord or visit the website at 

Midnight Ghost Hunt – Halloween Teaser Trailer (Beta Announcement) | Vaulted Sky Games

Coffee Stain (@Coffee_Stain Twitter) is made up of three teams: Coffee Stain Studios, Coffee Stain North, and Coffee Stain Publishing. Coffee Studios was founded in 2010 and is located in Skövde, Sweden. Coffee Stain North was founded in 2013 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. Coffee Stain Publishing started in 2017 and is also working to publish games from other developers.

Vaulted Sky Games (@VaultedSkyGames Twitter) is a new indie game studio with a love for multiplayer games. The studio believes that the very best gaming experiences can be derived from engaging with others. Additional the studio aims to prove that compelling games can be created by a small team that can quickly adapt and incorporate new ideas as they arrive.