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Midnight Ghost Hunt Alpha Details

There is a new game lurking in the dark called Midnight Ghost Hunt. The multiplayer hide and seek game is being developed by the new indie studio Vaulted Sky Games and publisher Coffee Stain Publishing and the alpha details are below.

You the reader might be asking what is Midnight Ghost Hunt? It is a game unlike anything you may have seen. The premise is simple, play as either a Ghost or a Ghost Hunter and let the hide and seek begin.

Ghosts can possess or rather hide inside various furniture and even hurl themselves at invading Ghost Hunters. Objects range from a simple table lamp to large chairs and even medieval armor suits. Hunters are tasked with finding and destroying all the ghosts before the clock strikes midnight.

Midnight is when the real fun begins. When the clock strikes twelve, all the dead ghosts return as vengeful spirits turning the hunters into the hunted. The Ghost Hunters must survive the onslaught until they escape. It should be noted that if the hunters destroy all the ghosts before midnight, the first four minutes of the match, then the midnight event is prevented.

Hunters are equipped with various gadget that will help the, track down and destroy the ghosts. Ghosts can possess objects to remain hidden in plain sight. Both can customize their loadouts to specialize for specific strategies. For example Poltergeist Ghosts can remotely hurl objects to confuses, distract and main hunters.

Winning matches allows players to earn various cosmetic unlocks for both Ghosts and Ghost Hunters. Items include skins, emotes, sprays, and taunt sound effects.

The released version of the game will have several maps with varying themes that will require different strategies. Additional maps are also planned for post-launch.

For the super eager players wanting an Alpha key to get into the Midnight Ghost Hunt action you can always try asking. However, it is recommended that players follow the instructions on the Midnight Ghost Hunt website and signup via the form and join the Midnight Ghost Hunt Discord server.

Midnight Ghost Hunt currently has a TBA release date with the Alpha coming in the summer of 2019. The game is currently listed on Steam and players can add it to their wishlist now. For more information about Midnight Ghost Hunt visit the game’s website at or follow @NightGhostHunt on Twitter.

Midnight Ghost Hunt E3 Teaser | Vaulted Sky Games

Vaulted Sky Games (@VaultedSkyGames Twitter) is a new indie game studio with a love for multiplayer games. The studio believes that the very best gaming experiences can be derived from engaging with others. Additional the studio aims to prove that compelling games can be created by a small team that can quickly adapt and incorporate new ideas as they arrive.

Coffee Stain Studios (@Coffee_Stain Twitter) is a publisher and developer based in Sweden. They are the creators of Sanctum, Sanctum 2, Goat Simulator, and Satisfactory. Their mission is to enable unique games to live up to their full potential.