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Song of Farca Hacks Its Way Onto PC

International publisher Alawar Premium and developer Wooden Monkeys released their hacker-detective game Song of Farca. In the role of cyberdetective Isabella Song, players are thrown into a 2D single player dark detective story that resembles a mix of Black Mirror atmosphere styling and US crime procedural narrative structure.

Set in a world of digital dominance and the futuristic city of Farca, Isabella Song works as a private detective. The city itself is a haven for criminal gangs that have carved up the territory into various areas of their influence. Law-abiding citizens are completely on their own as the corrupt government is unable to help. As Isabella Song, hacking computers, cell phones, and cameras are essential in order to uncover the truth behind the criminal activity around the city.

Song of Farca is our vision of a near-future where humanity hasn’t achieved space travel or eternal life yet but is rushing headlong into a world dominated by technology and gadgets. A world where personal data can be obtained in two clicks and criminal groups can be destroyed using a device. Where digital bullying can easily push someone into crossing the line. Where all the powers of Big Brother are just another handy tool for experienced hackers.

David Aramyan, Founder of Wooden Monkeys Studio

Even though Isabella is under house arrest after a bar fight, she is still able to do her job. After all she is a hacker and only needs the internet. What starts off as a simple theft of a robot dog, the investigation leads to complex and seemingly unrelated cases. The help of various gadgets, a small army of drones, and one’s intellect further aid in uncovering information.

All of the discovered data is used to create an AI information cloud that includes leads and conclusions that can be applied in dialogues. The choices made in the investigations have important consequences concerning the plot. Does one convict the suspect that all the evidence points towards or does one do a deeper dive? In the process one will wonder what collateral damage will be left behind. No matter what choices are made, players will always want to be on guard as victims can turn out to be criminals and suspects may just be a single link in a very long criminal chain.

Song of Farca launches on PC at 8PM PDT July 21, 2021 through Steam, Epic Games, and GOG for $19.99 USD. A 10% off launch promotion runs on Steam and GOG until July 28, 2021. The Song of Farca: Prologue is available free to play on Steam and GOG that introduces players to the cyberdetective Isabella Song. For more information about Song of Farca players can visit the game’s page on the publisher’s website here.

Song of Farca – Trailer | Alawar Premium

Alawar Premium (@alawarteam Twitter) is a Russian publisher, developer, and distributor of video games for the PC, mobile, console, and other device markets. Since 1999, Alawar Premium has released hundreds of games from over 250 teams. The company currently offers developers its expertise in financing, analytics, localization, testing, marketing, and PR.

Wooden Monkeys (@W00denMonkeys Twitter) is an ambitious and fairly young development studio. Based in Moscow, the 2018 founded studio is best known for their narrative thriller Save Koch that launched on PC and Nintendo Switch. Currently the studio is busy working on their hack-detective game Song of Farca.

Update: 07/21/2021 8:13PM PDT
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