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Neon Abyss Call of Hades 1.4 Content Update

Developer Veewo Games and publisher Team17 released the Call of Hades 1.4 content update for their fast-paced roguelite shooter Neon Abyss. The free content update adds more challenges to the already frantic run ‘n’ gun action-platformer.

A whole new storyline is ready for players who can defeat Zeus or one of the superior Managers. Upon their defeat, both a new storyline and Hades’ office will become accessible.

In the bar, players are able to locate the new “Game Dev” room. This room has the infamous game dev. Talking to the game dev will let players see their unlocked cheats. After completing Hades’ quest, the Library and 404 room will unlock and become available to visit. A vending machine or rather a new Easter Egg machine is available before players head off into the Abyss that consumes a new game currency and will randomly hand out game tips or cheats. Players can also now adjust the difficulty of the challenge rooms in the earlier levels.

A new powerful pet will emerge in game after certain requirements are met. When a player acquires Peter, Dr. Manhattan, and Agent Grey all at the same time, the three will merge into a new pet.

Neon Abyss and the free Call of Hades free content update is available on PC through Steam and Epic Games Store for $19.99 USD. A special weekend deal is running on Steam that discounts the game by 33%. The game is available on consoles for the Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. For PC players, the Neon Abyss time limited demo is available on Steam. More information about Neon Abyss can be found by visiting the game’s website here.

Veewo Games (@VeewoGames Twitter, @veewogames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game development studio based in Xiamen, China. Founded in 2011, the studio aims to create fun and beautiful games. Previously the studio has delivered 4 titles to market with Dark Slash, Just Get 10, Super Phantom Cat, and Super Phantom Cat 2. The studio’s games have repeatedly won Editor’s Choice awards and been featured on the global App Store and Google Play.

Team17 (@Team17 Twitter, @Team17 Facebook, YouTube) is an international video game label and creative partner for independent developers. Founded in 1990, the Team17 portfolio comprises of over 100 games of which includes The Escapists, Overcooked, Yoku’s Island Express, Yooka-Laylee, and the Worms franchise.

Update: August 16, 2022
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