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Hypercharge: Unboxed Breaks Out of Early Access

Get ready to break out of the package in co-op FPS toy-themed action from indie developer Digital Cybercherries with Hypercharge: Unboxed. The game had previously been in early access since June 2017 with a massive update in October 2019.

Players can play as a team or fight against each other in PvP as a toy action figure. From four play cooperative online or in local split screen there is only one goal and that is follow the orders of Sgt. Max Ammo by protecting the HYPER-CORE.

Battling other small toy soldiers in PvP allows players to fight for leaderboard domination. A progression system through earned experience allows players to unlock skins to customize their action figure and weapon. Turrets, traps and walls can all be unlocked as well allowing players to build the perfect defenses for each level.

The game offers lots of action figure combat that is reminiscent of the 1998 movie Small Soldiers. However, Hypercharge: Unboxed features better graphics in several familiar locations like the We R Toys store, attic storage space or backyard with lots of pink flamingos. Those who like to get their FPS action fix using a controller, the game offers plug in and play support.

Hypercharge: Unboxed is available on Humble Bundle and Steam at a regular price $19.99 USD. Various discounts are available on the different digital platforms during the launch week of April 27, 2020. For more information visit the game’s website at or follow @HYPERCHARGEGAME on Twitter.

Hypercharge: Unboxed Steam Release Trailer | Digital Cybercherries

Digital Cybercherries (@DCybercherries Twitter) is an independent British video game developer. The United Kingdom based studio was founded in 2015 by a group of friends who came together to create video games who are against incomplete games, expensive DLC and Pay-to-Win schemes. New Retro Arcade: Neon, the studio’s first game, was released in August 2016.

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