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Space Robinson Beta at End of August

Space Robinson, the hardcore RPG roguelike title from indie developer Luxorix Games is hitting Beta at the end of August. A demo is expected by August 21.

Intergalactic corporation VAST has summoned the player to action as the savvy space engineer known as Space Robinson. The action filled adventure takes place on a distant planet where the player is to repair the drilling rigs in colony number 21. The planet is colorful, the population friendly, and contains a vast wealth of resources.

Players are able to explore the pixelated art and procedurally generated locations of the distant world. Along the way players need to survive in the wilderness, collect resources, build protective structures, craft ammunition, and face off against enemies. A dog is unlockable that will aid players while fighting the monsters that lie in wait during the day and night.

The game is hardcore. Death is a part of the process whether it be from enemies or traps. Fighting, leveling up, and unlocking new guns will aid a player in their march to victory. The alien nights are harsh, but so are the turrets a player can build.

A crafting system allows players to make items needed for survival from the resources they have gathered. Need a first aid kit, no problem. How about a lightning gun? It can be built too. Bots are also available to lend a hand as assistants such as destroying fortified enemy caches.

Night and day system features special monsters. At night the players vision changes where only a narrow circle of surroundings is visible.

In roguelike fashion the game has random levels and random loot. After death the player spawns at a special cloning base where they get to start the adventure again. Only by exploring all locations will the player be able to escape the evil planet.

Space Robinson will be available on Steam at launch. Beta details will be announced soon with the Beta period opening at the month’s end. A playable demo is scheduled to be released on August 21. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam. The latest information about Space Robinson can be found on the game’s website at

Space Robinson 2019 Trailer | Luxorix Games

Luxorix Games (@Luxorix Twitter) is an indie game developer based out of Russia. The studio has previously released Spaceship Looter and Panda Chunky. Space Robinson is being published under Alawar Premium the midcore division of Alawar Entertainment.