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It Lurks Below Releases From Diablo Creator

Diablo creator David Brevik has released the action survival RPG, It Lurks Below through his studio Graybeard Games.

Several elements of his earlier work are combined to create an action-oriented survival RPG. There are eight classes, deep randomization, and a retro side-view perspective. All of this of course takes place in a pixelated world ravaged by a demon invasion.

It Lurks Below has been in development for several years now, and I’m delighted to put this eagerly-awaited product into hands of gamers. I wake up every day excited to be working on this game and now I get to share it with the world.

David Brevik, Graybeard Games Founder

Brevik’s last major launch was Marvel Heroes in 2013 when he led the now defunct Gazillion Entertainment. Diablo and other title’s alike have inspired the role-playing mechanics while games such as Terraria, Minecraft, and Starbound have inspired survival elements It Lurks Below. With both these aspects coming together a whole new experience is created.

Players start off by selecting a custom character and a class. From there they dive deep into the mysteries of the evil that lurks below. Subterranean levels wait for brave adventurers ready to acquire new items and encounter deadly monsters.

It Lurks Below Release Trailer

The game has been in Early Access since last April and has received a consistently positive response and feedback. Some players within the close-knit community have logged hundreds of playtime hours. Over the last year, Brevik has been carefully listening to the community and fine-tuning the game while adding more content.

I’m flattered by the overwhelmingly positive response I received during Early Access and my personal streams of It Lurks Below. The experience of developing this game with the passionate community has been wonderful. I read every piece of feedback I receive, and directly interact with the community every day. There is so much fun packed into this game.

David Brevik, Graybeard Games Founder

It Lurks Below is now available on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $19.99 USD. More information along with a WIKI can be found on the game’s website at

Graybeard Games (@GraybeardGames Twitter) is based out of San Francisco, CA. The one person studio was founded by David Brevik who is a 28-year veteran game developer and best known for co-founding the studio that became Blizzard North and creating Diablo and Diablo II. Later he would go on to co-found Flagship Studios to create Hellgate: London and then Marvel heroes as the CEO of Gazillion Entertainment.