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Grimshade Launches on Steam

Enter the dark comic stylings of the world of Ree’fah in Russian developer TaleRock’s Grimshade Steam launch. The party-based tactical RPG from publisher Asterion Games is available to play today.

Today’s previously announced Steam launch follows an extremely successful June 2018 Kickstarter campaigned that raised over $100,000. Inspired by classic JRPGs of the 1990s and the work of 21 member team, Grimshade takes adventurers on a journey through a series of events unfolding in the world of Ree’fah.

Dreadful monsters infest the forest and the high walls can do little to protect. The city of Brann is under under siege on multiple fronts. A menacing army from a neighboring kingdom have launched an assault on the cities outskirts. City defenders are losing their strength, the King and his Champions have vanished, and there is no hope for salvation.

A cast of seven colorful and unique cast members have come together. Along with their weapons and tactical skills, each member has five equipment slots. Adjusting equipment before battle, selecting the party, and skill set for each hero is only the beginning of what is to offer. Grimshade has an intuitive nature of progression that pulls a player into the deep immersion and consistent challenges in the world.

Conflict lies everywhere and players will need to be ready. Tactical combat is key and so is the ability to adapt and change tactics. Characters can be improved by finding, trading, and crafting new equipment increasing their adaptability and versatility.

The game features a fully narrated tutorial to give players the tools they need to be victorious in the game. Meaningless grinding has been replaced with meaningful story for the rich and varied artistic style of the Grimshade world. Brimming with discoveries the world of Ree’fah awaits adventurers looking to fulfill their excitement as they explore and master the game.

The team are delighted with the end result and we have adapted our gaming ideologies into what we believe is a very unique presentation, in both look and gameplay. For instance, by playing many RPG games, you can face two irritating dilemmas. An endless grinding is the first, as you need to improve stats and properly arm all your heroes. Then, when you have an ideal party which could easily defeat any enemy, the game grants you another character(s). They are weak, low-level, undressed and it’s easier to abandon them, rather than grind again. We’ve tried to find the solution for both problems, leaving out the EXP & STAT system. Our characters develop horizontally, expanding their variety of abilities and improving synergies between them. Each new hero you gain smoothly integrates into the gameplay. His skills will be vital in following encounters with enemies and bosses.

Max Zogheib, Grimshade Lead Game Designer

Grimshade is available on Steam now for $19.99 USD on Windows PC. A special launch promotion for $17.99 USD runs until April 2, 2019. More information can be found on the game’s website at

TaleRock (@TalerockGS Twitter) is a young, vibrant studio based in Russia. The studio’s first title is Grimshade and is being published by Asterion Games. Many of the members of the 21 person team have extensive professional experience and backgrounds in the gaming industry.