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Blazing Chrome Also Coming to Xbox One

The co-op fight for Earth’s survival in Blazing Chrome is also coming to the Xbox One. This is in addition to the other previously announced platforms coming in spring 2019.

Blazing Chrome takes the classic arcade sidescrolling shooter look and feel all set to devastated landscapes as players battle against a malevolent AI.

With the Xbox One platform addition announcement comes another trailer. In the video various horrifying mechanical monstrosities await for the brave heroes of Mavra and Doyle. The efficiency and power of these AI killing machines amplifies how dire is the hope for humanity’s survival. But then again, the AI has no idea who they are up against.

Blazing Chrome is being developed by Joymasher and published by The Arcade Crew. The retro style arcade action is heading to Xbox One, PC on Steam, Nintendo Switch, and PS4 in spring 2019.

The Arcade Crew (@TheArcadeCrew Twitter) is a Paris based boutique publisher and a separate division of Dotemu. Founded in 2018, the publisher is dedicated to producing and publishing indie games with a retro feel from small creative teams.

Joymasher (@JoyMasher Twitter) is an indie game studio based in Curitiba, Brazil. Founded in 2012 by Danilo Dias (@Danilo_Noites Twitter) and Thais Weiller (@ThaisWeiller Twitter) the studio has developed Oniken and Odallus. Their current project is Blazing Chrome.