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Unleash Blood Splattering Carnage In Ape Out

From independent developer Gabe Cuzzillo and publisher Devolver Digital comes a colorfully smashing experience in Ape Out.

Ape Out is destined to become an instant hit with the game’s modern take on the classic smash’em up game. In the trailer we follow an orange ape as it clears a level of people. Each blood splattering kill is announced with a cymbal clash while a jazzy beat provides tension as the carnage continues.

Guards can used as human shields, use their shotguns against them, or throw them out a window. Doors make for great shields and flamethrowers are no match. Walls are painted red during the escape to freedom on the procedurally generated path.

The sound by Matt Boch (@mattboch Twitter) and art by Bennett Foddy (@bfod Twitter) both mesh together with gameplay in such a way that they create a top-down symphony of complete sensory carnage.

Our team is pleased to finally announce a release date for one of our most anticipated titles ever in Ape Out. Frankly, it was a lot harder to motion capture an ape than we had originally thought and recording primates ripping human corpses apart is generally frowned upon in most countries.

Fork Parker, CFO of Devolver Digital  

Ape Out comes to PC and Nintendo Switch on February 7, 2019.

Gabe Cuzzillo (@gabecuzzillo Twitter) is an independent developer who also developed Foiled a local two-player fighting game about swords, soul-theft, and everything in between.

For more information on Ape Out or Devolver Digital visit their websites.