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Phylakterion Co-op Horror Heading for Q1 2023 Release

German developer Lich Again Games has announced a Q1 2023 release for their upcoming co-op horror game, Phylakterion.

Inspiration for Phylakterion comes from the developers are avid Phasmophobia gameplay. After memorizing the game props and items, they began to play with self-imposed restrictions. During those gameplay moments, the developers decided to create their own game where items don’t always stay in the same spot.

Described as prop-hunt meets Phasmophobia, the game will initially launch in Early Access. Gameplay will be centered around around three steps: search, identify, and destroy. Players will play against an entity and the item it haunts. Any object can be haunted. Destroy the vessel to survive.

The three steps seem simple and this is where looks are deceiving. Vessels have their own ways to escape the sight of the players. While searching for the haunted item, the entity will be hunting players. Those who are not careful might die. Death isn’t the end as players in the afterlife can still be helpful to the team.

Players can opt to play alone or with up to three others. There are seven different tools for hunting down ghosts such as Geiger counters, cameras, and notebooks. Staying alert and observation is key to identifying the unique entity and adjusting the strategy to fit the situation. In the end the only way to win is to destroy the entity’s vessel.

Early Access is expected to last for one year. The developers believe that the game is now in a state that will benefit from player input for further improvement and balancing. Player involvement will help the developers achieve the best possible gameplay. During the Early Access phase more planned features and content maybe added while also taking in player feedback and balancing the game accordingly.

Phylakterion is planned for a Q1 2023 Early Access release on Steam. Interested players can wishlist the game now on Steam. Check out the game’s product page on Steam for more information.

Phylakterion Game Trailer | Lich Again Games

Lich Again Games (@LichAgainGames Twitter, YouTube) is a German game developer. Phylakterion is the developer’s first title and draws inspiration from their time spent playing Phasmophobia which led to the company’s founding.