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Hell Invades Heaven Also Invades Steam

Independent developer Menajev released their new 2D dark comedy game Hell Invades Heaven on PC for Windows and Linux users. Loosely inspired by Lemmings, this game puts players in charge of Hell’s minions as a heavenly invasion begins.

Spreading chaos and destruction is the goal as a newbie commander of Hell’s minions. There are rumors about one’s capability and the players are left with the desire to prove these rumors wrong by commanding a small force in the most epic of Hell versus Heaven wars ever.

The game features 15 challenging levels located in or on Hell, Earth and Heaven. Each of the locations includes the appropriate landscapes. Ten different minions help out with various tasks so one doesn’t have to do everything themself. Puzzles are both challenging and humorous. Dialogues are both interesting and full of silent cinema. One will need to watch out for threats like holy water, but at least one can decorate their Devil with tattoos. Note that the butterfly on the back tattoo is strictly forbidden.

Hell Invades Heaven is available on Windows and Linux for PC through Steam for $7.99 USD. A special 18% off launch discount is available until October 29, 2021. For more information visit the game’s webpage here

Hell Invades Heaven – Release Trailer | Menajev

Menajev (@MenajevGames Twitter) is an indie game developer. Hell Invades Heaven is the developer’s first game on Steam.