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Dark Crypt Turn-based Puzzler Sneaks up on PC Release

Solo indie developer Daisy Games released their self-published turn-based horror themed puzzler, Dark Crypt, on PC. The game’s release comes just one week after participating in the October 2021 Steam Next Fest and will feature a launch week discount.

Prophecy speaks of an ancient slumbering evil within a crypt. Its shadow is corrupting the tomb. All of the once buried bodies now haunt and stalk the halls. The prophecy also foretells of the evil’s awakening which will lead to its dark shadow consuming the world. While most at the monastery dismiss this as pagan heresy, players know better. Now it is up to players to sneak into the old crypt and seal off this evil at any and all cost.

Gameplay features 60 challenging levels full of pixel art. The goal of each level is to reach the exit by any means. To do this one must plan their moves so they are not spotted by the undead guards of the crypt. Spike traps are also a threat. Adding even more challenge to the task at hand are locked gates and doors that require a lever or key for one to pass through. Lucky for players they do have the ability to teleport.

While the crypt’s guards of vampires and skeletons may offer a challenge, the boss puzzles will really test one’s resolves. Don’t worry though as there are infinite undos and a retro-rendition of classical music to help one think. Just remember to get through these puzzles as the evil must be sealed off before it awakens and threatens the world.

Dark Crypt is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC through Steam and for $6.99 USD. To celebrate the game’s release a special 10% off discount is available on Steam until October 22, 2021. A free to play demo is available on the game’s Steam page. For more information about Dark Crypt visit the game’s webpage here.

Dark Crypt Trailer | Daisy Games

Daisy Games (@DaisyGames3 Twitter) is solo indie studio founded by Martin Firbacher. Besides being a game developer, Firbacher is a passionate gamer and dog lover. The studio’s portfolio includes Dark Sheep, Hack Grid and most recently Dark Crypt. Daisy Games can also be found on