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Interactivity: The Interactive Experience

Fans of David Lynch, post-modernism, and dark humor should find comfort in Interactivity: The Interactive Experience from Aetheric Games and Pixeljam.

This first-person meta-narrative experience about interaction within game worlds. The short story takes place in a dark and surreal gallery. Players will experience a mix of awkwardly-funny and oppression as they explore the limits of game world convention.

Exploration of the gallery reveals a handful of puzzles and The Button. Now The Button presents a dilemma. Does one try to push it or leave it alone. Players are not supposed to push it, but come on? Do Not Push The Button.

Interactivity: The Interactive Experience is out now on Steam for Windows PC at a price of $3.99 USD. The latest information about Interactivity: The Interactive Experience can be found on the game’s web site.

Interactivity: The Interactive Experience Launch Trailer | Pixeljam Games

Aetheric Games (@AethericGames Twitter) is a small indie game developer based in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The studio is usually comprised of just MrBehemoth who usually makes grandiose immersive narratives.

Pixeljam (@pixeljamgames Twitter) is based in Asheville, North Carolina. The studio delivers low resolution entertainment for high resolution people. Founded in 2005 as a creative outlet for low resolution art and animation. Shortly after, its founding members, Rich Grillotti and Miles Tilmann decided to make games creating hits such as Gamma Bros, Dino Run, and various smaller games for Adult Swim.