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Content Warning Launches with 24 Hour Free Promotion

Developer Landfall Games has released their first-person-content-creation cooperative horror game, Content Warning on Steam.

In the spirit of celebrating April Fool’s Day, the game is available for free for 24 hours from the game’s initial launch. Since 2016, Landfall Games has done something special for their community with the day being affectionately known as Landfall Day. Notable releases on this day include Supertruck in 2016, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator in 2018, and ROUNDS in 2021.

Squad up with 2-4 other players or play solo. Customize the player character using an ASCII face customizer and then dive into the depths of The Old World. The goal is to dive into the nonsense of this realm and to film it for the content hungry internet masses searching for the next viral video on SpookTube.

Creepy creatures reside in The Old World. Keeping true to what the studio is known for, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Stick Fight: The Game, these creatures have their own wild physics. This realm also contains cursed relics that await discovery. From the creatures and relics to the filming for the internet viewers there is absolutely nothing that can go wrong, right?

Content Warning Availability

Content Warning is now available on Windows PC via Steam. Until 9 AM PDT, Steam users can grab a copy of Content Warning for free. After the 24 hour free window, the game will be priced at $7.99.

For more information visit the Content Warning subreddit and Discord links below or visit the game’s product page on Steam.

Content Warning: Trailer | Landfall Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Landfall Games

Landfall Games is an indie studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. The studio’s focus is primarily on, but not limited to, physics games. Titles in the small studio’s portfolio include Clustertruck, Knightfall, ROUNDS, Air Brawl, Content Warning, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, and Stick Fight: The Game.