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Mirthwood Medieval Fantasy Life Sim Releases RPG Features Trailer

V Publishing and developer Bad Ridge Games have released an RPG features trailer for their upcoming medieval fantasy life sim, Mirthwood.

At a little over three minutes long, the new Mirthwood RPG trailer features narrated gameplay that showcases the systems of the open-world life sim. Questing, looting, exploration, reputation, and character progression are all key parts of the immersive gaming experience.

Skill development is done through action. Players enhance their abilities by engaging the game’s world. Unique skill cards can be unlocked to further tailor the gameplay experience to an individual player’s preference.

No adventure should ever be done alone. Both loyal companion pets and humans are there to help out on the journey. NPC companions who will stand by their side in battle. Pets can also be cared for on the homestead where they await the player’s return. The unique falconry mechanic feature enable players to form a bond with birds who will aid in navigating the world by providing eyes in the sky.

The game world is composed of six diverse regions with three distinct towns. These areas offer several exploration opportunities. However, be warned that there are various enemies.

Players can pick a backstory that has both positive and negative elements. The same is done for a profession.

Choices impact the world and shape events in this fully simulated world where NPCs live their daily lives. Find and equip a threatening armor set that will make townsfolk cower in fear or a pumpkin helm that will provoke the heaviest of laughs.

Make friends, make enemies. The Mirthwood trailer, viewable below and on the V Publishing YouTube channel, shows how players can forge their path through their decisions. Ultimately players can be who they want to be whether it be a simple farmer or a charming rogue.

Mirthwood Availability

Mirthwood has a planned release date for Q3 2024, and will launch on PC via Steam. PC players can add the game to their Steam wishlists now. No pricing information or console release details are available at this time.

For more information visit the Mirthwood socials below or visit the game’s product page on Steam.

Welcome To Mirthwood pt 1 – Open World RPG | V Publishing

Publisher and Developer Information

V Publishing

V Publishing is a game publishing label that spawned from the video game marketing firms Vicarious PR in 2018. The label is dedicated to Strategy, Simulation, and RPG titles for PC and consoles. Game titles in the V Publishing portfolio include: Interference, Syntherapy, Mirthwood, Fallen Angel, Sanctuary Saga, My Beautiful Paper Smile, and Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness.

Bad Ridge Games

Bad Ridge Games is a small development team based out of Seattle, Washington in the Pacific Northwest. With a focus on creating immersive experiences for players, the team is currently busy developing their debut title, Mirthwood.