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Top Racer Collection Custom Cup and Time Attack Modes

Independent publisher and developer QUByte Interactive discusses Custom Cup and Time Attack modes in the second episode of “INSIDE TOP RACER” for Top Racer Collection.

The second episode, viewable below this article and on the QUByte Interactive YouTube channel, is narrated by Karina Peixe, Marketing of QUByte Interactive, in Portuguese with English subtitles available.

Custom Cup mode allows players to choose 4 tracks to create a cup of their choice. Pick the game and race alone, with friends, or even online.

Time Attack mode is a race against the clock. In this mode, players can challenge themselves to set map time records for the available games. Improve skills, race the clock, and be the world’s best racer.

Consisting of two episodes, the Top Racer Collection “INSIDE TOP RACER” series covered the various game modes available in the game collection. The first episode covered Online Mode and was released last week.

About Top Racer Collection

The 16-bit 1990s racing classic is back in one package. Top Racer Collection brings together three iconic games from the 2D arcade racing franchise: Top Racer, Top Racer 2 and Top Racer 3000. In addition, the collection comes with online features, the brand new Top Racer Crossroads, and more exclusive content such as new cars.

With vibrant graphics, engaging gameplay, and iconic soundtracks, the originally released on older systems Top Racer became a fan favorite spawning several titles in the franchise. Filters are available to create that classic nostalgic arcade racing experience.

Both online and offline modes are available for multiplayer races. A ranking mode allows players to challenge friends and opponents from around the world. Time Attack mode will let racers test their skills against the clock. Other modes include a Campaign Mode and a Custom Cup Mode.

Top Racer Collection Availability

Top Racer Collection has a March 7, 2024, release date and is set to launch on Windows PC via Steam and on consoles for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

A Top Racer Collection demo is currently available for free on Steam.

For more information visit the game’s product page on the desired platforms.

Inside Top Racer Collection – Custom Cup and Time Attack mode | QUByte Interactive

Publisher and Developer Information

QUByte Interactive

QUByte Interactive is the largest independent publisher in Latin America for consoles. The company has its own in-house development studio that is currently working on MARS 120. Through partnerships in game porting, publishing, and development, QUByte Interactive seeks new business opportunities to expand their portfolio and customer relationships. Over 100 games, both self-published and outsourced, have been developed and released across multiple platforms by the company.