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Genotype VR FPS Out Now on Steam and Rift

Bolverk Games has now released their alien-filled exploration survival VR FPS adventure Genotype on Steam and Rift.

The Rift version of Genotype comes with cross-buy between Quest and Rift. What this means is owners of one can pick-up the other version for free.

Now after two weeks of beta testing, Genotype is now available on Steam. The developer would like to thank those who tested the game, helping to freeze out bugs and make improvements during their Antarctic adventures.

Last October, Genotype was released on Quest. Since then the game has seen a few updates including the recently released massive Combat Update which is included in the Steam and Rift releases. The Combat Update added five radically different weaponized creatures, new upgrade system, improved combat spaces, new enemies, better boss fights, rebalanced ammo costs, four difficulty settings, and more lore.

With the Steam and Rift releases the game is receiving a localization update, supporting Japanese, Korean, simplified Chinese, German, French, Italian, and Spanish via subtitles. Note that as a result of some internal QA processes, localization might not be available for everyone on February 22, with the Rift and Steam releases.

Genotype Availability

Genotype is now available on Meta Quest for the Quest 2 and Quest 3, Oculus Rift S and Rift, and Steam for $24.99. A launch on PSVR2 is next in the works.

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Genotype – Combat Update – Launch Trailer | Bolverk Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Bolverk Games

Bolverk Games is an award-winning indie studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a focus on VR games and software, the company’s portfolio contains a range of titles including Glyph, Genotype, KittypocalypseDick Wilde, and Dick Wilde 2.