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New Beholder Series Spin-off Announced, Beholder: Conductor

Alawar has announced Beholder: Conductor, the next installment in the Beholder franchise. Today’s announcement brings some information about the series spin-off and a teaser trailer.

Much like its predecessors, Beholder: Conductor is a game about strategic choices wrapped up in a political simulation. This game is not directly related to the story seen in previous games, however, players can expect a similar gameplay style known to the franchise.

As a newly appointed conductor on the Determination Bringer by The Ministry, players will have to make difficult decisions that determine the fate of passengers and colleagues. This legendary train carries citizens of the vast dystopian country to different cities. Players will need to maintain order in their assigned carriage and assist passengers along their journey. No matter what happens, remember that the conductor is always right.

Monitor the passengers and decide the fate of those who evaded paying their fare. These unscrupulous passengers can be dropped off, handed over to peacekeepers, or players can ignore these fare-evaders if the bribe is right. All activity should be observed and reported regardless if it is suspicious, unauthorized or just general behavior. Search baggage for prohibited items and be ready to call the police when contraband is found. The conductor does have many illegal powers and can take emergency measures themself, however wise use of these powers is recommended.

Moving up the train is akin to climbing the corporate ladder. Gain access to VIP areas or the dinning car where high-ranking officials and big industrialists ride. Take a moment and investigate if the rumors are true about the nasty habits these individuals partake. Even more so take their substantial bribes for silence. Of course one will want to keep an eye on colleagues and report the ones who are accepting bribes or transporting banned items. Remember that The Ministry will reward one’s dedication.

Earn the trust of higher-ups and receive secret missions. The level of loyalty will determine the level of secrecy. Completion will reward one with a bonus. Sometimes a promotion may be in store. Along the way one may encounter a smuggler and transporting their packages can be risky, but also bring profitable rewards.

Beholder: Conductor Availability

Beholder: Conductor has a yet to be announced release date. The game will launch on Windows PC via Steam where interested players can wishlist the game now.

More details on the game will be shared soon. For more information visit the Beholder: Conductor socials below, join the Alawar Discord, or visit the official website at

Beholder: Conductor – Announcement Teaser | Alawar

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