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Abtos Covert Photo Mode Update Adds More Language Options

The Photo Mode Update is now live for Iphigames’ supernatural survival horror game Abtos Covert. In addition the update brings the indie game to Version 1.1 and features five new language options further enhancing the game’s accessibility.

Take a picture and capture one’s fears forever with Abtos Covert‘s new Photo Mode. Use this new mode as an immersive artistic outlet to share the game’s eerie and psychologically terrifying moments. From the suspicious shadows of the forest to the rugged atmospheric setting of the outpost, there are plenty of scary scenes to snap a shot and share.

Continuing on the developer’s promise to add additional language support the update adds translations for five new languages: French, Hungarian, Russian, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. All of these new languages are accessible via the gameplay menu.

Note that some technical terms might not be translated such as graphical settings. The developer welcomes feedback on any additional languages that fans would like to see supported in future updates. Players can leave feedback on the game’s Steam Community Hub, Discord Server, or on social media.

Abtos Covert Availability

Abtos Covert is available on Windows PC via Steam for $8.99. A special promotion 20% off discount runs on Steam until February 28, 2024. The game has a mature content warning and may contain content that is not appropriate for all ages such as frequent violence or gore, and general mature content.

For more information visit the Abtos Covert socials and Discord below or visit the official website here.

Abtos Covert – Official Release Trailer | Iphigames

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Iphigames is a game development and game publishing company based in Athens, Greece. The company has an in-house studio, IPHILABS, with a team that is composed of visionary people with fresh ideas who believe in the broader potential of video games. In addition, the company supports exciting designs and ideas from the conceptual phase until final release.