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Lightphobe Asymmetrical Co-Op Shines in Steam Early Access

Canadian developer Mutant Realm Entertainment has released their debut title, Lightphobe, on Steam Early Access. The asymmetrical cooperative multiplayer blends tactical third person actions with first person shooting in highly competitive deathmatches.

Grab some friends and pick a side. Both online and offline battles pit well-armed soldiers defending the Earth against ethereal skeletal creatures known as Lightphobes.

Armed to the teeth, Lightphobes are creatures who are invincible within the darkness, but completely vulnerable in the light. Made up from the stuff of unearthly nightmares, these creatures only want to rip every living thing to shreds. To stop these vicious skeletal nightmares, the military has sent in specialists who can equip 5 different loadouts allowing for a variety of playstyles.

Gameplay features both first-person shooter and third-person melee action. Soldiers operate as first-person shooters while Lightphobes use third-person melee action. Up to 16 players in multiplayer can pick either side and fight for dominance in deathmatches. Both peer-to-peer networking and dedicated servers are supported. Work together, win together.

A Steam Early Access trailer for Lightphobe is available for viewing below and on YouTube. The trailer features both soldiers and skeletal Lightphobes fighting against each other with a hard pounding soundtrack fitting for the fast-paced action.

Lightphobe Availability

Immediately following the successful demo debut at last week’s Steam Next Fest, Lightphobe is available in Early Access on Windows PC via Steam for $5.99. A 10% off introductory offer runs until February 29, 2024. The game’s demo is still available on Steam at press time.

For more information visit the Lightphobe socials and Discord below, visit the game’s product page on Steam or visit the official website at

Lightphobe – Early Access Trailer | Mutant Realm Entertainment

Publisher and Developer Information

Mutant Realm Entertainment

Mutant Realm Entertainment is an indie game developer based in Ontario, Canada. Founded in 2019 by Allan Chew, the single person studio’s began its journey in 2018 when Chew wanted to learn more about game development. With little knowledge on the topic, Chew went on to research game development and began work on the studio’s debut title Lightphobe.