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Loddlenaut Ocean Cleanup Adventure Launches on PC and Mac

Secret Mode and indie game developer Moon Lagoon have released their cozy pollution-cleaning open-world adventure game, Loddlenaut on PC and Mac.

Step into the diving suit of an interstellar custodian and travel to polluted ocean world of GUP-14. Home of the loddle, the underwater world is covered in trash leftover from the polluting ways of an intergalactic megacorporation.

As an interstellar custodian, players will need to clear the pollution from the underwater habitat while caring for the needs of the resident creatures. Players will meet, feed, and care for the axolotl-like creatures known as loddles.

Earlier this year, players were introduced to the loddle via a Loddlenaut life-cycle trailer that was revealed during The Re-MIX Online Showcase. Basics of the planetary cleaning mission and details of loddle care were showcased in the trailer. For example, feeding a loddle fruit will trigger its evolution. The morphed loddle form is determined by the item consumed. Restored habitats enables loddles to lay eggs, allowing for more loddles to grow and thrive.

While restoring the polluted plant, players will have a chance to explore sunken corporate ruins. To revive the lush underwater ecosystems one clean away all the pollution using a new gunk-fighting technology from the collected trash. Unlock different gadgets to clean different types of ocean pollution. Use the recycled trash to craft useful items and upgrades to fully restore the loddle habbitat.

Loddlenaut Availability

Loddlenaut is available now on PC for Windows and Mac via Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99. A 10% launch discount runs on Steam until November 21, 2023. For the next three years Secret Mode, the game’s publisher, will donate 0.05GBP per sale of Loddlenaut to WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation. WDC is a UK registered charity no. 1014705.

A Loddlenaut demo is currently available on Steam. The demo features the Floatsam Flats area of the game along with several loddles who are ready to be a player’s friend.

For more information visit the Loddlenaut socials and Discord below or visit

Are You Ready For Loddlenaut? – Out Now | Secret Mode

Publisher and Developer Information

Secret Mode

Secret Mode is a newly founded publishing wing of the Sumo Group Plc., a British video game holding company. The publisher’s goal is to publish both internally developed projects from its 14 game development studios and projects from third party independent game developers.

Moon Lagoon

Moon Lagoon is an indie game studio based in Austin, Texas. The two-person studio was founded by Ricardo Escobar and Jin-Young Sohn with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. Their debut title, Loddlenaut, began as a NYU Game Center thesis project in August 2019. After graduating in May 2020, the duo began to transform their student project into a full commercial release title under the Moon Lagoon banner.

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