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Discounty Wholesome Store Management Sim Announced

Publisher PQube and developer Crinkle Cut Games have announced their partnership to bring the wholesome store management sim Discounty to the world. Step into role of a new shopkeeper in the pixelated rundown harbor town of Blomkest.

After a dear old aunt convinces the player to come down to Blomkest, she quickly puts the player in charge of the town’s only grocery store. Players can personalize their shopkeeper experience by handpicking their outfit and naming their character to reflect their own style.

Build relationships or make enemies as a new store owner. Organize the shop, manage stock, work the checkout counter, barter for goods, and meet the customer’s needs. Rearrange shelves and products to create an inviting atmosphere. Design aisles to guide shoppers through the store.

Each customer has their own unique shopping list and distinct preferences. Watch the profits grow when checking out customers at the checkout counter. Neglecting a customer’s needs will harm their relationship.

With big growth and big profits come big responsibilities. Take some of that profit and reinvest into the store via expansion. Too much grow might upset some of the locals. Gain the trust of local producers and manufacturers and strike trade deals with to offer their goods at the store.

After the store closes for the day, players are free to explore the quirky town. Instead of heading home the the old garage converted into a living space, players can spending the evening getting to know the residents, build up relationships, and learn more about the town’s past.

Discounty Availability

Discounty is a yet to be announced release date. Players can wishlist the game now on Steam.

For more information follow @DiscountyGame on X (formerly Twitter) and @discountygame on TikTok.

Discounty – Announcement Trailer | PQube

Publisher and Developer Information

PQube (@PQubeGames X (formerly Twitter), @pqubegames Facebook, @pqubegames Instagram, @pqube TikTok, YouTube) is a leading international United Kingdom based publisher, distributor, and service provider for the interactive entertainment industry. With company teams located around the world, PQube is committed to publishing games by working closely with development partners while reaching consumers globally on all major gaming platforms. The company’s massive portfolio contains numerous known brands including Kitaria Fables, Potion Permit, Tormented Souls, Cat Quest, New Super Lucky’s Tale, BlazBlue, Gal*Gun, White Day, Kill La Kill, Nexomon: Extinction, and Guilty Gear.

Crinkle Cut Games is a tiny game studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2021, the studio specializes in creating peaceful games with well-crafted interactions and welcoming aesthetics. The studio is committed to crafting games for all through inclusive game development and by challenging stereotypes. Blending a “gameplay first” methodology, the studio utilizes subversive mechanics while exploring the consequences of flawed systems in a comedic and light-hearted manner.