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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles PC and Console Full Release

Untold Tales and indie developer Exit Plan Games have fully released Bang-On Balls: Chronicles on PC and consoles. The full launch release includes a free update for all players with more content for the already content-heavy title.

After rolling into Early Access in March 2021, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles has since gathered over 2300 reviews with a 97% Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam. The game is loaded with goofy content and features a destructible open-world sandbox adventure with bouncy 3D platforming and combat. Become the reckless ball hero named BOB and embark on a story that travels through epic moments in history.

The highly-destructible maps take players to several different historical places and eras. Meet Vikings, become a Pirate, see the Space Race, or visit the Roman Baths. With the full release update players can now fight in feudal and modern Japan against a giant Kaiju.

Each map has its own unique mechanics, boss fights, secrets, items, and themes. In total there are over 400 items such as flags, weapons, shields, hats, masks, tattoos, and boats to collect during gameplay. Players can customize their character as they see fit and never have to worry about paid cosmetic DLCs.

Combat’s tight razor-sharp controls allow players to smash, dash, and steamroll their way around the various open-world maps. Fight foes, rescue allies, and collect a treasure trove of themed items and weapons.

Play solo, in up to 4-player online co-op, or on 2-player split screen. Players can seamlessly jump in and out of sessions with friends while still keeping everything that they have collected.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Availability

Now in full release, Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is available on Windows PC via Humble Bundle, GOG, and Steam for $24.99. Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. Varying discounts are available on the different platforms during the game’s full release week.

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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles – Launch Trailer (PC, Playstation, Xbox + Switch) | Untold Tales

Publisher and Developer Information

Untold Tales (@UntoldTalesHQ X (formerly Twitter), @untoldtalesgames Facebook, YouTube) is a growing indie publishing label with a soft spot for games with a unique story to tell. Established in 2020 and based in Poland, the label features a collection of industry veterans who have seen both the good and the bad of all things in game publishing.

Exit Plan Games (@ExitPlanGames X (formerly Twitter), @exitplangames Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game developer based in Warsaw, Poland. Founded in 2019 by Damien Monnier and Jose Teixeira, the studio consists of less than 10 employees who want to deliver fun games with fresh concepts. Currently the studio is developing their first Steam title Bang-On Balls: Chronicles.

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