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Core Keeper Shimmering Frontier Update Announced

Fireshine Games and Swedish game developer Pugstorm have announced details for the upcoming Shimmering Frontier free content update for Core Keeper. Arriving in early October, the update adds a glistening new environment to explore.

Shimmering Frontier takes the mining sandbox survival adventure to a new crystal-based biome. Discover a brand new Solarite ore and craft brand new equipment. Discover new Solarite-enhanced equipment that includes an improved Mining Pick, Fishing Rod, Sword and Crossbow.

Upgrade gear for the very first time. Using the brand new Upgrade Station, players can level up their favorite weapons and tools. Discover new weapons, such as the Razor Flake, Shard Club and the gooey Slime Staff, by defeating the Atlantean Worm. This new colossal boss is optional and lurks in the Sunken Sea biome.

Create beams of sunlight. Use the new powerful Roofing Gadget tool to crack open the ceiling to light the way. Drill through walls in record time with the Obliteration Ray. Highly destructive, the Obliteration Ray when wielded mines faster than any other equipment in the game.

New biome, new enemies, creatures, and characters. Roaming the frontier are giant Crystal Snails, creepy crawly Nilipedes, and crystal-mimicking Mimites. Speak to the Crystal Merchant to discover new items to trade.

Test out those combat skills in all-new battle events. These arena-based combat scenarios challenge all and the most courageous can walk away with shinny rewards. Find over 50 new pieces of armor and equipment. Examples include the enemy HP leeching Larva Fang necklace and the inventory increasing Trench Coat.

With such a significant amount of new content and an entirely new biome to explore, there’s so much to Core Keeper’s Shimmering Frontier update that we just can’t wait for players to discover it all for themselves next month. Shimmering Frontier is the fourth major content update for Core Keeper following our previous work on The Sunken Sea, Desert of Beginnings and Paws & Claws. We wanted to make this latest update feel very special with a host of substantial new content and gameplay improvements. We hope players love exploring the Shimmering Frontier and finding all of its hidden secrets.

Fredrik Präntare, Chief Executive Officer & Creative Director at Pugstorm

Several other changes are in the Shimmering Frontier including a range of quality of life improvements. New performance optimizations, improved water physics, and new player customizations are just a few examples. Plus there are six additional Steam achievements with the update.

Core Keeper Availability

The Core Keeper Shimmering Frontier free content update is set to release on October 4, 2023.

Core Keeper is currently available in Early Access on PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $15.99.

For more information follow @CoreKeeperGame on X (formerly Twitter), join the game’s official Discord, subscribe to @CoreKeeper on YouTube or visit the game’s product page on the publisher’s website here.

Core Keeper – Shimmering Frontier Update – Release Date Trailer | Fireshine Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Fireshine Games (@FireshineGames X (formerly Twitter), YouTube) is a global publisher of digital and physical video games. Based in London, England, the 2014 established company originally operated under the Sold Out label. In March 2022, Sold Out rebranded itself as Fireshine Games. The updated brand name that better suited the company moving forward since digital games have a difficult time being sold out.

Pugstorm (@pugstormgames X (formerly Twitter)) is a game development studio that specializes in pixel art games. Based in Sweden, the 2016 founded studio won a prize for their concept behind Radical Rabbit Stew. The studio went on to form a publishing deal with the then Sold Out, now Fireshine Games, to finalize and release the game. Currently the studio is busy working on their second title, Core Keeper.

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