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Green With Energy Creates a Green Future on Steam

Gameparic and indie developer Orbifold have released their casual energy efficiency sim, Green With Energy, on Steam for PC.

Design, test, and build a green future as a power engineer. Use iterative designs to assemble power grids in different biomes. Players will need to decide if they want robust resilient power systems or if an innovative and imaginative approach is the way forward with the available tools.

A range of energy technologies are available. Solar, wind, and hydroelectric power can be used to find the right balance between budget and efficiency. Players can run simulations and assess the outcomes to design a strategic power grid.

As weather patterns and climates change, players will need to build infrastructure that can withstand and adapt. Use state-of-the-art technology such as battery farms to prevent brownouts in the grid during periods of limited energy generation.

Spirited community competition is encouraged via in-game leaderboards. Gameplay features a minimalist low-poly art aesthetic. The game is available in seven languages: English, French, German, Spanish – Spain, Polish, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

Green With Energy Availability

Green With Energy is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux for PC via Steam for $5.99. A limited time 10% release discount is available until September 21, 2023. The game is also available in several Steam bundles with other games at varying discounts.

A Green With Energy Demo is available on Steam that will introduce players to the game and Green Engineering 101.

For more information follow @GreenEnergyGame on X (formerly Twitter), like @greenwithenergy on Facebook, or visit

Green With Energy – Release Trailer | Gameparic

Publisher and Developer Information

Gameparic (@gameparic_com X (formerly Twitter), @Gameparic Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game development company. Besides creating games, the company also provides services in the areas of marketing, community building, education, and game publishing. The studio’s portfolio includes Necrocity, Miniland Adventure, Project Wunderwaffe, and Horror Tycoon.

Orbifold (YouTube) is an indie digital software workshop based in London, United Kingdom. Green With Energy is the workshop’s first title on Steam. The workshop also develops Feedsub, an experiment in using daily email digests as a means to decrease information overload.