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Land Above Sea Below Launches on Steam

Skystone Games and indie game developer Glasscannon Studio have released their relaxing strategy game Land Above Sea Below on Steam for PC. Enjoy a serene journey of exploration and reflection that is designed to evoke the feeling of a crisp autumn breeze.

Work towards an “Eternal Autumn” in this immersive title. Escape into a tranquil world of wonder. Players will test their ability to plan ahead while experiencing the soul-soothing adventure.

Bluring the line between dreams and reality to form a harmonious tapestry, players are invited to explore, connect, and rediscover a sense of inner peace. Crafted with meticulous care, the game world is designed to evoke the gentle embrace of an autumn breeze. Aiming to capture the intricate beauty of nature, the world encapsulates the essence of a fall afternoon with the of warm orange, red, and gold hues.

Gameplay features a hexagonal tile grid system and minimalistic artistic styling. Use the tiles to build stunning autumn landscapes with each season and unlock secret hidden islands. Raise the land as much as possible to avoid the constantly rising sea level.

Place similar tiles that interact with each other and be rewarded in a height increase and earn valuable points. Unlock different rewards by achieving certain point scores. With infinitely procedurally generated tiles available, the only limit is one’s own imagination.

An ambient soothing soundtrack guides players while they immerse themselves into the game world and embark on a forever autumn adventure.

Land Above Sea Below Availability

Land Above Sea Below is available on Windows PC via Steam for $7.99. A launch week discount of 15% is available until September 20, 2023. On Steam, the LASB X Islanders Bundle is available for a limited that includes the Land Above Sea Below and ISLANDERS at a significant disocunt.

A Land Above Sea Below Prologue is available on Steam to play for free. The prologue offers the first chapter of the main game. Players who experienced the game’s demo during Steam Next Fest this past June will want to check out the changes to gameplay making it more balanced. Plus there are numerous bug fixes.

For more information visit the Land Above Sea Below product page on Steam.

Land Above Sea Below – Welcome to Eternal Autumn | Glasscannon Studio

Publisher and Developer Information

Skystone Games (@Skystone_Games X (formerly Twitter), Facebook, YouTube) is a multiplatform game company that aims to be a leader in the video game publishing sector. Industry veterans David Brevik, creator of the Diablo franchise, and Bill Wang, previously from Perfect World Co. Ltd. and Giant Games, created Skystone Games to uncover and highlight talent around the world. Currently the company is busy working on multiple projects including Undying and Spacelines from the Far Out.

Glasscannon Studio (@glasscannonstu X (formerly Twitter), @glasscannonstudio Facebook, YouTube) is a small indie development team based in Hungary. Previously the studio release the twin-stick arena shooter Carebotz on PC and Nintendo Switch. Currently the team is busy working on their latest project Land Above Sea Below.