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Lost Awakening Point-And-Click Adventure On Steam

Hambug Games have released their comedic sci-fi point-and-click adventure, Lost Awakening, on Steam for PC. This worldwide release is a tribute to the classic point-and-click genre featuring both humor and challenging puzzles.

Stranded on a strange island, it is up to the player to unravel the mystery of this place. The island is harboring a great secret. Now it is not something crazy like a smoke monster or an ancient fraternal rivalry, but it may surprise or even shock players.

With a comedic catalog of obnoxious puns and wit, the protagonist is ready for the journey ahead. The game uses unique music and distinct visual styles to create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue along with hilarity and absurdity. A fully narrated dialogue accompanies the intriguing story.

Easy to use intuitive controls make navigation and puzzle-solving simple for both new and veteran point-and-click players. Gameplay takes approximately one to two hours to complete the adventure. All ages and players of all experience levels are welcomed.

The game pays homage to the golden days of adventure gaming. Packed with challenging unique puzzles, players will find that the solutions are fair and sensible. Puzzles can be mastered with little practice and patience.

Lost Awakening Availability

Lost Awakening is available on Windows PC via Steam for $2.99. For more information check out the game’s Steam product page or watch the official game trailer below.

Lost Awakening – Official Trailer | Hambug Games

Developer Information

Hambug Games (@HambugGames Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) is an indie video game and software developer and publisher. The studio is a division of The Hambug Company, an independent producer and publisher of books, video games, and music with an emphasis on complete liberty for artists’ and author’s creative goals intellectual property.