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The Forest Cathedral is Coming to PlayStation 5

Whitethorn Games and independent developer Brian Wilson are bringing their environmental thriller, The Forest Cathedral to PlayStation 5. Inspired by true events, the game dives into the research of the harmful pesticide DDT and the real-world work of scientist Rachel Carson.

Dive into the role of Rachel, who has taken a field research position located on the mysterious Science Island. Inspiration for the island’s appearance is taken from the real-world Forest Cathedral found in Cook Forest State Park. Unfolding as a dramatic reimagining of Carson’s environmental science book Silent Spring, the game’s story follows Rachel as she completes her research on the island.

While completing her weekly tasks, Rachel begins to notice that something is off, not right. Using advanced environmental technology, she starts to see the horrific effects of the pesticide DDT. Further investigation will uncover the secrets on the island and surge in the dying wildlife. The truth must come out no matter what happens, even if there are those trying to silence her and her work.

Gameplay puts players in control of Rachel Carson in the 3D world and the Little Man inside of the 2D platforming world of the advanced environmental scanning tools. Covered in a dense forest of trees, the island is packed with animals, fish, and insects, all of which are impacted by the use of DDT. A fully voiced narrative along with an enchanting original soundtrack aids players as they explore the history and attempted silencing of Carson.

The Forest Cathedral Availability

No release date has been given for the PlayStation 5 release of The Forest Cathedral. More information about the PS5 release date will be available in the coming weeks.

Currently, The Forest Cathedral is available on PC via Humble Bundle, Steam and Epic Games Store and on the Xbox Series X|S for $14.99. For additional information visit the game’s product page at

The Forest Cathedral Coming to PlayStation 5 | Whitehorn Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Whitethorn Games (@WhitethornGames Twitter, @whitethorngames Facebook, YouTube) is an indie game publisher from Erie, Pennsylvania. The publisher focuses on cozy titles that can be played in pieces and are games that anyone can pick up and play. Currently the company’s portfolio contains more than 20 games including their first title Beans: The Coffee Shop Simulator.

Brian Wilson (@BlanketsWilson Twitter, Linkedin) is an independent game developer and environmental artist. Wilson is also the Business Development Lead at Whitethorn Games. Where the Bees Make Honey is Wilson’s first commercial game and The Forest Cathedral is his most recent title.

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