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Cookie Cutter Metroidvania Combat Trailer Released

Rogue Games and developer Subcult Joint LTD have released a combat trailer for their upcoming Metroidvania game, Cookie Cutter.

Get ready for the mechanized mayhem-filled massacre. Follow the game’s protagonist, Cherry, as she unloads a chainsaw android beatdown. As Cherry journeys through the beautiful hand-drawn universe in search of her creator, Doctor Shinji Fallon, she will faceoff against a variety foes.

Every bizarre and grotesque creature is just another opportunity for Cherry to use her unbelievable arsenal of toys. Chainsaws, plasma cannons, guitar-slides, mecha fists, and motorcycles to name a few. In case all the weapons get boring, players can also utilize environmental hazards to end Cherry’s foes. Combat mixes in inspirations from Japanese manga, Quentin Tarantino films, and H.P. Lovecraft. Simply put, Cookie Cutter is a Metroidvania gorefest.

The Cookie Cutter combat trailer introduces viewers to Cherry and as begins her mission to find her creator. Besides showing off plenty of the vibrant 2D hand-drawn art, the trailer quickly dives into the brutal violence that Cherry is capable of unleashing. Whether it be a chainsaw or her own hands, viewers can be certain that Cherry is more than capable of tearing anyone and anything in half.

Cookie Cutter Availability

Cookie Cutter is expected to launch later this year on PC. Interested players wishlist the game now on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

For more information follow @CookieCutterDev on Twitter, follow @CookieCutterCult on Facebook or visit

Cookie Cutter Combat Trailer | Rogue Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Rogue Games (@Rogue_Co Twitter, @rogueint Facebook, YouTube) is San Mateo, California headquartered video game publisher. Founded by industry leaders with more than 150 years of game publishing the experience, the company brings innovative and distinct games to market. With offices located in Los Angeles and Seattle, the publisher has an extensive portfolio of titles that includes Arcanium, Monomals, Bright Paw, Super Impossible Road, Fisti-Fluffs, Sprawl, Swordcar, and Unicorns on Unicycles.

Subcult Joint LTD is a team of video game developers based out of Brighton, England. Founded in 2021, the company makes video games, featuring their own unique take on the classic Metroidvania-Action RPG formula. Currently the team is busy working on their first title, Cookie Cutter.