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Drift Type C Real Physics Racer Out Now

Independent developer Jonworks Interactive have fully released their real physics racing title, Drift Type C, on PC via Steam. After a year in Early Access, version 1.0 arrives at the finish line.

Race through nine different biomes in an unparalleled driving experience. Engage in intense battles against 13 formidable warriors and 13 haunting ghosts. There are no micro-transactions, air control, nitrous, or brake assist. The game prides itself on delivering a pure driving experience and a focus on the true essence of drifting.

Tackle the challenges of a valiant quest to free the God of Time. The Hypervesicle, a gift from the God of Time, is an extraordinary artifact capable of manipulating time when one executes a flawless drift. By mastering the art of the drift, players will fully unlock the Hypervesicle’s potential.

The game specializes in hyper-realistic car specs for detailed handling. Various activities such as off-roading, rally races, dorifuto batadu, tray driving, flagging, delivering tofu, DIY Space Gymkhana, texting while driving and even bus driving are available to test one’s driving skills. Different weather conditions, day and night, and alternate realms with unique aerodynamics are also available.

We are thrilled to announce the release of Drift Type C on Steam. We’ve poured our passion and expertise into creating a game that captures the raw energy and excitement of drift racing. We can’t wait for players to experience the action and immerse themselves in the exhilarating world we’ve crafted.

Jonathan C. Haman, Solo Developer, Jonworks Interactive

An expansive sandbox world awaits players. Over 100 miles of hybrid-procedurally generated roads offer players an immersive driving experience. Every turn is a new world to explore with new challenges to conquer.

Drift Type C Availability

Drift Type C is available on Windows PC via Steam for $19.99. The game’s version 1.0 launch brings a 15% discount until June 7, 2023.

For more information check out the game’s YouTube channel or visit the game’s product page on Steam.

Drift Type C Full Launch Trailer | Jonworks Interactive

Developer Information

Jonworks Interactive is a solo indie game developer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded by car enthusiast Jonathan C. Haman, the developer’s first title is the hyper realistic driving game, Drift Type C.