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Greedventory Wacky RPG Adventure is Out on PC

Nordcurrent Labs and developer Black Tower Basement have released their wacky and humorous RPG adventure, Greedventory, on PC.

From the very first run to the 80th run, Greedventory is designed to provide players with a challenging and rewarding experience that will still leave them laughing. The game blends humor and mockery with Souls-like and RPG mechanics.

Forged with bucket helmets and wooden planks, heroes step forth into an outlandish world. Evil magicians, titanic bosses, and ancient treasures await in world packed with crude humor. The laughs come from taking shots at the generic fantasy settings and tropes.

Let the greed flow as one explores moonlit caverns and spooky forests looking for treasure. The world is filled with highly stylized pixel-art that provides a visually striking and still dark backdrop for adventurers. Not being wary of what lurks in the shadows or meeting the challenges of an encounter will leave players beginning their journey anew once more.

Players use their keyboard and mouse in real-time combat reliant upon reaction times and hand-eye coordination. Use the mouse to attack and evade before sending spells towards enemies using the keyboard.

At some point, every hero will fall in battle. Every death serves as a learning opportunity to master the game’s combat system. While the challenges and consequences of dying may seem like other Souls-like titles, Greedventory uses its whimsical charm and comedy to set it apart in the genre.

Greedventory Availability

Greedventory is out now on PC via Steam and GOG for $19.99. A limited-time 10% launch discount is available on both digital distribution platforms.

At launch, Greedventory supports English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese. For the latest game news, players are encouraged to follow the Black Tower Basement and Nordcurrent Labs Twitter accounts.

Greedventory – Official Launch Trailer | Nordcurrent Labs

Publisher and Developer Information

Nordcurrent Labs (@NordcurrentLabs Twitter, @nordcurrent Facebook, YouTube) is a PC and console publishing label and a part of the Nordcurrent Group that employs more than 250 people. Established in 2002 the Nordcurrent Group is headquartered in Lithuania and has development studios in Vilnius, Odesa, Dnipro, and Warsaw. As the latest endeavor, Nordcurrent Labs’ mission is to help game developer achieve the perfect chemistry to make their mark in the gaming industry.

Black Tower Basement (@BlackTowerCrew Twitter, YouTube) is an indie game studio based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The team of dreamers is constantly pushing their game development limits to create an enticing and fascinating experience. Currently the studio is working on their ironic RPG Greedventory.