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Eresys Lovecraftian Co-op Horror Game April Early Access Release Date

Dragonis Games have announced an April release date for their upcoming Lovecraftian co-op horror title, Eresys. Players must work as a team to survive in the immersive Lovecraftian universe against horrifying creatures.

Pick from one of four cultists and fight back against eldritch horrors. Teamwork is essential for survival against these creatures. With smart AI mechanics, these unique enemy entities will do everything they can to stop players from sealing a dangerous void portal, saving their world from destruction.

Enemies are intelligent and cunning with their advanced AI systems. These creatures will observe player actions and adapt their tactics accordingly. Even the noises players make through their microphones makes a difference. Each encounter is a new chance for players to push their limits and prove that they are willing to be victorious in this fight.

The world of Eresys is dangerous on a good day. As players progress through the game, the difficulty level will ramp up. Players will need to improve their skills with the progression system is they want survive against horrific creatures from Lovecraftian mythology.

Safe houses can be found throughout the game world. These hidden refuges offer a place to rest and a chance to regroup. Inside are hidden secrets for players to uncover which may lead them to valuable resources that are necessary for quest completion and deeper lore.

Eresys Release Details

Eresys has a an Early Access release date set for April 20, on PC via Steam. Players can add Eresys to their Steam wishlist now. For more information follow @EresysTheGame on Twitter, like @EresysTheGame on Facebook or visit the game’s Steam product page.

Eresys – Early Access Release – Trailer | Dragonis Games

Publisher and Developer Information

Dragonis Games (@Dragonis_Games Twitter, @DragonisGames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game developer and self-publisher. Founded by Ares Dragonis, the Greece based studio is comprised of a small team. Titles in the developer’s portfolio include Eresys, The Shore, and the in development narrative horror adventure Necrophosis.