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Broken Ranks Update Adds Boss Winged Lady Sidraga in New Endgame Instance

Whitemoon Games has added a new endgame instance featuring the Winged Lady Sidraga to their turn-based combat MMORPG, Broken Ranks. The update includes an introductory quest for the instance, a sidequest, and is part one of the gear overhaul.

Now live, the update adds a new endgame instance dedicated to characters who are level 135 and above. Players can get their hands on five new legendary pieces of gear by defeating the instance’s main opponent, the Winged Lady Sidraga.

Until now, we’ve been mostly introducing new content for low or mid level characters. This time, we decided to make the strongest Taernians happy. The endgame of an MMORPG should be a tough nut to crack. Cooperation that requires planning, puzzles, powerful opponents – that’s what Sidraga’s instance is all about. We have a pot open in the office for people willing to bet when our veterans will be about to defeat the big bad.

Krzysztof Danilewicz, Founder, Whitemoon Games

Since this new content is endgame content, the developer is emphasizing that it should be a difficult challenge. Before players embark on the journey, there is a quest, The Winged Lady, where players help a Vorling history scholar find answers. This quest will uncover ancient secrets and a powerful artifact that leads the way to a long-forgotten enemy, the Winged Lady Sidraga. Players can find Joen in the Beirn inn to accept this quest.

The developer announced details about the gear overhaul. Divided into stages, the most important changes will be features. Players can combine drifs into more powerful versions. In addition, they can extract them and place them in different pieces of gear.

Apart from the new boss instance, we’re also doing a complete overhaul of all gear in the game. We begin by laying the foundations. As we announced earlier, the basis of the new gear customization system will be the ability to insert any character-enhancing modifiers into gear using the so-called drifs. We want to give players more development paths, encourage them to try new things, and make gameplay more exciting. The more options you have, the better the fun.

Krzysztof Danilewicz, Founder, Whitemoon Games

Characters level 66 and above can participate in a new sidequest. In Khemenak an unwelcomed guest has arrived. In the Repulsive Relative, citizens of Khemenak claim that this unusual khold from Magroth is interfering with their work. It is up to players to decide what happens next.

A Bunny Marathon spring event is scheduled to start on April 8 at 9 AM CEST. The event will last for 72 hours. In addition to dungeon entry items, experience, utility items, and other prizes, players can get a new skin that is a part of a new event skin set.

Broken Ranks is a free to play game for Windows PC. Players can download the client from the game’s website. Android, iOS, and macOS versions are planned for the future with no current plans for a Linux release. For more information like @BrokenRanks on Facebook or visit

Whitemoon Games (@Whitemoon_Games Twitter, @WhitemoonGames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game development studio from Poland. Based in Wrocław, the 2008 founded studio now has a team of more than 20 talented individuals. The studio’s first title, the browser MMORPG The Pride of Taern, was released in December 2010 with over a million register players. Currently the studio is busy working on Broken Ranks, a full remake of their first game with improved graphics and current technology.