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Live by the Sword: Tactics Board Builder, Spring Sale

Indie developer Labrador Studios have released a Board Builder in the latest free update for their tactical RPG, Live by the Sword: Tactics. Players can use the Board Builder to build and then play on their own custom battlefields.

Since the game’s Early Access exit in October 2022, the developers have been busy improving and adding more to the game. In the newest update, now is the time to get building. With the new Live by the Sword: Tactics Board Builder mode, players can design their own custom battlefield where they can battle against the AI or against a friend.

Use of the Board Builder mode is simple. Players will begin by choosing their environment and board size. Environment determines the ground tiles and board size determines how big of an area will be used. Next, designers will begin placing spawn points and different ground tiles until they have their desired layout. Note that there must be at least 5 Red and 5 Blue spawn points.

Once a board is finished, players can test the board in Player vs Player, Player vs AI, or AI vs AI battles. If the board needs more work, one can easily make changes. The final board can then be uploaded where the designer will receive a code that they can share for others to play or even edit their board.

Starting on March 16, a spring sale for Live by the Sword: Tactics will offer a 90% discount on Steam. No end date for the sale was given at press time, however with such a steep discount interested players should jump on this deal immediately. Similar sales will take place in the coming weeks for Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms.

Last December, the developer released the Live by the Sword: Tactics Winter Update that featured numerous changes to the game’s Story Mode. New systems were added for the Adventure Mode in the form of Stat Pints and Grand Effects. In the same update, every class saw the addition of new abilities and traits along with a balancing pass.

Live by the Sword: Tactics is available on Windows and Mac for PC via Steam for $14.99. A free to play PC demo is available on Steam. Console versions for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch are available from their respective digital stores. A PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 version will be released at yet to be announced date. For more information visit

Live by the Sword Tactics – Out Now | Labrador Studios

Labrador Studios (@LabradorStudio Twitter, YouTube) is a new indie game development studio. Based in York, England, the studio focuses its commitment on developing and creating games that put gameplay first. The studio’s motto is “if the player isn’t happy, we aren’t happy”. Currently the studio is busy with the release of the original IP, Live by the Sword: Tactics, created by studio head Matthew Hamilton.