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Barotrauma Submarine Simulator Exits Early Access

Daedalic Entertainment along with developers FakeFish and Undertow Games have fully released on PC their sci-fi submarine simulator Barotrauma.

After nearly four years in Early Access, players can now fully experience the depths of Jupiter’s frozen moon Europa. The 2D sci-fi journey features both a single-player campaign and co-op modes with support for up to 16 players.

Since the Barotrauma‘s Early Access launch in June 2019, developers FakeFish and Undertow Games have worked with their active and passionate community to expand and improve the game. Over 30,000 Discord members and 60,000 player-made entries on the Steam Workshop have made all the updates and changes possible. Even a player-made submarine was added to the base game as a part of a community competition.

From completely overhauling the campaign and tutorials to improved graphics and environments, nearly every aspect of the title has been updated. Other changes include new monsters, missions and outposts, and a scripted event system.

Accompanying the Barotrauma full launch release is a Full Release Trailer and an Overview Trailer, both of which are available on the Daedalic Entertainment YouTube channel.

Gameplay features procedurally generated levels and comical ragdoll physics. Players should beware as some threats may lurk closer than they think. A multiplayer traitor mode option can randomly assign players as secret conspirators with their own individual missions which may include assassinations and sabotage. This makes for both thrilling and hilariously chaotic fun to play and watch.

Barotrauma is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux via Humble Bundle and Steam for $34.99. A 25% launch week discount is available until March 16, 2023. For more information visit the game’s website at

Barotrauma Full Release Trailer | Daedalic Entertainment

Daedalic Entertainment (@daedalic Twitter, @daedalic Facebook, YouTube) is a publisher that also develops high-quality games for all platforms. Based in Hamburg, Germany the March, 2007 founded publisher and developer has won a range of accolades including 32 awards in the German Developers Award and 12 German Computer Game Awards.

FakeFish Ltd (@FakeFishGames Twitter) is an award winning indie game studio based in Turku, Finland. They develop PC and Mobile games with a team made up of industry veterans. The studio joined the Barotrauma in project in 2018 to help bring the game to Steam.

Undertow Games (@UndertowGames Twitter, YouTube) is an independent game studio comprised of a single developer with the assistance of a looselt organize group of artists, programmers, and other talents. The studio was founded in 2014 by Finnish game developer Joonas Rikkonen after the success of his first major game project SCP – Containment Breach. Barotrauma began as an open-development project at Undertow Games.

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