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YOLKED – The Egg Game to Exit Early Access in April

Hitcents and developer Hardboiled Studios have announced an April Early Access exit date for their egg with arms platformer, YOLKED – The Egg Game.

Get ready to crack open the full version 1.0 release of YOLKED – The Egg Game on April 6, 2023. With the 1.0 release players can expect to see a host of new content including new features, collectibles, a never-before-seen level, and the ending.

Gameplay is centered around an egg with arms that grabs, swings, and climbs its way through various levels. The physics are real and the obstacles are brutal as there are many threats beyond everyday household items. Bombs, fire torches, bees, spiders, and piranhas are all ready to have a crack at the egg.

There are more than eighty cosmetic skins to collect such as Devil, Pineapple, Football, and Cactus costumes. To aquire these skins one will need to complete achievements and explore inch of every level. As one gains a mastery of the game’s controls, they can take a crack at speedrunning through the levels and climb the leaderboards.

The game first launched into Early Access in October 2021. Since then there has been a range of updates for the egg-venture such as the Attic Level and Endless Mode that challenges players to beat their high score.

YOLKED started as a fun class project when we were college students. Back then, our only goal was to win first place since none of us had any game development experience, so it’s unbelievable to think we’re now published on Steam and soon to be on Nintendo. It’s been three years since we first started on this journey, and cannot wait to see where else it will take us!

Hazel Wong, Game Developer and Co-Founder, HardBoiled Studios

YOLKED – The Egg Game is currently available in Early Access for Windows and Mac through Steam for $6.99. For more information visit the game’s Steam page, follow @yolkedthegame on Instagram or join the game’s Discord.

YOLKED The Egg Game Release Announcement | HardBoiled Studios

Hitcents (@Hitcents Twitter, @hitcentscom Facebook, YouTube) is a full-service video game publisher and developer based in the United States. Founded in 1999 as an early internet advertising company, Hitcents roots in the gaming industry took hold in 2011 with Draw a Stickman. Currently the company focuses their development on their own games while also offering publishing services to small independent teams.

HardBoiled Studios (@HardBoiledDev Twitter) is an indie game development studio based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The studio was born from a student project at the University of Michigan with team members from around the world. YOLKED is the studio’s debut title appearing on Steam and consoles in 2022.