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Core Keeper Celebrates First Anniversary with Update

Fireshine Games and developer Pugstorm are celebrating the first anniversary of Core Keeper that includes the launch of a special Anniversary Update. From March 8 to March 20, players can check out a range of free in-game content including cake.

It is the first anniversary of Core Keeper and that means cake! Players can gain a permanent boost to their maximum health by finding and consuming birthday cake in-game. Since there is cake, why not throw a party with friends online and use the wearable birthday hats?

No birthday party is complete without playing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. To play this song, players will need to discover this new sheet music in the game world. While players are out adventuring in the world looking for the birthday music, they should keep an eye out for special Terraria guest music sheet. Those who find this permanent sheet music addition can play Terraria’s ‘Journey’s Beginning’ track using the in-game musical instruments.

More content is planned for later this month as seen in the recently released Core Keeper 2023 Roadmap. The first of these updates in the free Cherry Blossom Festival Mini-Update. Later this spring will be a huge update introducing pets to the game. Several more updates are planned throughout the year.

Core Keeper is available in Early Access on PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $12.99. For more information follow @CoreKeeperGame on Twitter, join the game’s official Discord, subscribe to @CoreKeeperor on YouTube or visit the game’s product page on the publisher’s website here.

Core Keeper – Early Access Trailer | Fireshine Games
Core Keeper - Anniversary Update | Fireshine Games, Pugstorm
Core Keeper – Anniversary Update | Fireshine Games, Pugstorm

Fireshine Games (@FireshineGames Twitter, YouTube) is a global publisher of digital and physical video games. Based in London, England, the 2014 established company originally operated under the Sold Out label. In March 2022, Sold Out rebranded itself as Fireshine Games. The updated brand name that better suited the company moving forward since digital games have a difficult time being sold out.

Pugstorm (@pugstormgames Twitter) is a game development studio that specializes in pixel art games. Based in Sweden, the 2016 founded studio won a prize for their concept behind Radical Rabbit Stew. The studio went on to form a publishing deal with the then Sold Out, now Fireshine Games, to finalize and release the game. Currently the studio is busy working on their second title, Core Keeper.

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