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Farm Simulator Announcement Trailer Brings the Joys of Rural Life

DRAGO entertainment and developer Codebusters Studio are brining the the joys of rural life in their Farm Simulator announcement trailer. Restore an old farm and bring new life to the land.

Step into the shoes of an urban dweller with big rural dreams. Now with the chance to runaway from the city, players can buy an old farm in Tennessee and live out their dream. The farm is in dire need of renovations, however with a lot of hard work this old farm can be restored to its former glory.

From fixing fences to planting crops there is always something to do on the farm. Animals need to be fed and the cows milked.

If one needs some farm life advice, there is Old Bill. However, he is not easily swayed by outsiders. One will have to earn his trust and respect by proving they are committed to the farming lifestyle.

Gameplay is centered around restoring, building, and expanding the farm. Cultivate the land to grow crops. Breed a range of classic farm animals. Harvest and produce products for profit. If the farm becomes too overwhelming one can hire help.

Various events can force one to change up their plans. Weather events can add new challenges. Foxes, martens, and bears are threat and will need to be addressed. With time one can learn the history of the area and uncover all the secrets the old farm holds.

In the Farm Simulator Announcement Trailer players are treated with various farm visuals and various farm chores. Cleaning the stables, cutting down trees, milking the cows, feeding the chickens, and preparing goods for market are just some of the tasks seen.

On March 3, Drago entertainment announced their publishing contract for the first-person farm life simulator with developer Codebusters Studio SA. The publisher sees great potential in sales for Farm Simulator since there is a great interest in farming simulators among players.

Farm Simulator has a yet to be announced release date or price. Players can add the game to their wishlist on Steam now. Visit the game’s Steam product page for more information.

Farm Simulator – Announcement Trailer | Drago entertainment

DRAGO entertainment (@DragoEnt Twitter, @dragoentertainment Facebook, YouTube) was established in 1998 in Cracow, Poland. The studio is comprised of a highly experienced and motivated team that is focused on computer game production and development primarily for PC. Currently the studio is working on several projects that includes Airport Contraband, Gas Station Simulator, and Paparazzi Simulator.

Codebusters Studio SA (@CodebustersS Twitter) is a development studio based in Poland. The studio’s team consists of people with several years of game development experience and focuses on innovation, creativity, and continuous development.