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Crash Override Invites Action Shooter Fans

Independent Canadian developer TMFX Studios is inviting action shooter fans to check out their Early Access title, Crash Override. The game features cyberpunk roguelike elements in a race against time to stop a malicious virus infecting the mainframe.

As a hacker for hire, players surf the Cybernet trying to save the mainframe from a mysterious threat. The goal is to power up before the crash wave erases everything. Gain reputation, salvage data, upgrade, and try to survive.

Play as one of six unlockable avatars against packs of enemy glitches. With the mainframe being infected, players will need to surf the neon corridors of the Cybernet to avert a total system crash. By securing contracts, players will gain reputation and access to new mainframes. Players will have to decide what mainframes to contract and where to slow the virus.

There are 12 weapon programs for players to collect. This enables a mix and match approach for taking down incoming enemies. Collect an arsenal, rezz, power up, and overpower the virus.

Levels are procedurally generated and feature a 2D top-down unique neon visual pixel art style. A retro-synthwave soundtrack provides an audio backdrop to the cyberpunk setting. The game features two distinct modes: Arcade and Speed Run. Full controller and gamepad support is available for the single player title. Integrated chat voting for streaming on Twitch allows viewers to vote on which paths to choose and what items to buy.

This past February, the Cybernet Update was released adding more mainframes connected to the Cybernet. Proxies can be deployed between mainframes to slow the spread of the infection.

The next major update will be the Quests Update. This update will add NPCs to meet in the Cybernet. Both characters and the story will be further expanded. New locations to mainframes, revamped weapon management, consumable items, wearable equipment, and more challenges to overcome while combating the virus are planned for this next big update.

Inspiration for Crash Override is taken from classic games such as FTL, Vampire Survivors, and Binding of Isaac. The game is expect to fully launch in Fall 2023. Recently, with the addition of more content since the September 2022 Early Access launch, the game has seen the price increase from $2.99 to $4.99.

Crash Override is available on Windows PC as an Early Access game via Steam for $4.99. For more information visit

Crash Override – Cybernet Update Trailer | TMFX Studios

TMFX Studios (@TMFXStudios Twitter, YouTube) is an independent game developer. Based in Manitoba, Canada, the developer has been creating games since 2000. Currently TMFX Studios is busy working on their Early Access action roguelike shooter Crash Override.