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TerraScape City Builder Announced

Toplitz Productions and German game developer Bitfall Studios have announced that their city builder game, TerraScape, is heading to Early Access soon. The game presents a blend of city building and puzzle game genres.

Players can create the city of their dreams using a pack of cards. Different buildings and ways to expand one’s city are offered in these cards. Strategic placement of the cards in the game world will reward a player with points and new cards. Each turn allows the player to skillfully build and expand their city.

Each building has certain requirements. In some cases it might be a natural resource and in other cases the right terrain is needed. Some buildings will require other buildings. By meeting as many requirements as possible, the player will earn bonus points. Note that there are also negative influences from certain buildings.

Points unlock new decks and buildings. Each deck contains several building cards. Players can specialize by placing buildings of certain decks more often and unlock more decks. Placing buildings in strategic ways can allow a player to draw new cards. Careful planning on which cards are needed is necessary if one is to avoid drawing buildings that are not useful for their current building plans.

The map generator creates new unique procedural maps full of scenic landscapes in a 2.5D setting. Handcrafted missions with increasing difficulty are available. A high score list is allows one to compete with friends and the world. There are several game modes and many challenges.

TerraScape caught our attention from the very first moment! The special graphics, the decelerated game concept and the well implemented game mechanics make the product appealing. We are looking forward to the cooperation with Bitfall Studios and the release of TerraScape.

Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development & Sales Toplitz Productions

A roadmap for TerraScape on the developer’s website lays out plans for the city builder through Q1 2024. The Beta Phase took place during Q4 2022 and Early Access is planned for Q1 2023. Multiplayer, landmarks, metagame mechanics, and gameplay refinements are planned in updates scheduled for the last three quarters of the year. New decks are planned for each update. A full release with a possible surprise is planned for Q1 2024.

With TerraScape we are releasing our first game title and are looking forward to the joint release with the great team at Toplitz Productions. The combination of puzzle and city builder elements excited us from the beginning, which is why our entire team was passionately involved in the development from the idea to the release. We are proud of the current result and look forward to the feedback from our community.

Nico Pattmann, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitfall Studios GmbH

TerraScape is planned to enter Early Access in Q1 2023. Interested players can wishlist the game on Steam. For more information follow @terrascapegame on Twitter and like @terrascapegame on Facebook.

TerraScape Teaser | Toplitz Productions

Toplitz Productions (@Toplitz_Prod Twitter, @toplitzprod Facebook, YouTube) is an Austrian publisher and developer with the goal of offering games that feature “Heart and Soul” to consumers. The company is comprised of veteran game developers and executives who collaborate with multiple studios throughout the world. Toplitz’s portfolio comprises a mix of sports, strategy, adventure, and simulation games for PC and major console platforms.

Bitfall Studios GmbH (YouTube) is a German developer with a team stretching from Fulda to Berlin. Founded by Lara Klimm, Nico Pattmann, Felix Günther and Nico Wegner, the studio stands and lives for passionate game visions and developments. TerraScape is the studio’s first game title.