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Wild West Dynasty Available in Early Access

Toplitz Productions and developer Moon Punch Studio have released in Early Access Wild West Dynasty, a story-driven adventure set in the Wild West.

Fight for survival on the western frontier of 19th-century America. The Old West or better known as the Wild West was a constant fight for survival. In Wild West Dynasty, players will experience similar challenges as they build, gather, and manage a settlement through multiple generations.

We are extremely proud to finally invite players into the harsh and vast Wild West. Moon Punch Studio has put their heart and soul into the creation of this vast open world, filling it with life and unique mechanics, while pushing the boundaries of the Dynasty franchise.

Robin Gibbels, Head of Production, Toplitz

From daily scorching heat to the freezing nightly cold, players will face the rigorous challenges of the era. Both wild animals and outlaws will test one’s resolve against the rigors of the Wild West. Only by building a prosperous town filled with saloons, stores, and hotels will one firmly establish a lasting dynasty.

We are very happy to open our vision of the Wild West to players. We look forward to feedback from the community, as we take the next steps on our extensive roadmap.

Szymon Żebialowicz, Development Lead and Joint Managing Director, Moon Punch Studio

During the Early Access development phase a range of new content is planned. Regular content updates are planned over the next 12 months. Playable female characters, mountain biome, story-line continuation, mini games, gameplay enhancements, and additional language support are some of the planned content features.

Wild West Dynasty is available in Early Access via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG for $26.99 / £22.99 / €24.99. Visit the game’s product pages for more information.

Wild West Dynasty Early Access Release Trailer EN | Toplitz Productions

Toplitz Productions (@Toplitz_Prod Twitter, @toplitzprod Facebook, YouTube) is an Austrian publisher and developer with the goal of offering games that feature “Heart and Soul” to consumers. The company is comprised of veteran game developers and executives who collaborate with multiple studios throughout the world. Toplitz’s portfolio comprises a mix of sports, strategy, adventure, and simulation games for PC and major console platforms.

Moon Punch Studio SA is a Polish game developer. Featuring a team of nearly 25 people with over 20 years of experience in entertainment, special effects, animation and VR/AR production, the studio has won numerous awards at international competitions and festivals. The team’s extensive expertise in programming, graphics, animation, and hardware form the foundation for the studio’s high-quality portfolio.