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The Last Starship Enters Early Access

Introversion Software have released in Early Access their space ship base builder with exploration elements, The Last Starship.

Take to the stars in a cosmic adventure from the team behind Prison Architect. The premise is simple, survive in a hostile and unforgivable galaxy.

In order to thrive in space, one will need to choose a ship hull and start adding everything necessary for survival in space. Engines, life support, sensors, and rail guns are just some of the critical components.

Food, water, oxygen, and basic supplies must be secured for the ship to function. In addition, one will need to keep their crew happy to ensure success on contracts and missions. Choices will impact one’s success. From putting together a successful mining operation to rescuing civilians from an engine failure, having the right ship design and tools are necessary for survival and success.

Cold, dark, and empty is one way to describe space. However, everything also exists in space from critical ship resources to powerful enemies. Players will want to use the game’s unique combat system to strategically plan out their attacks. Does one stack their ship with lasers or rail guns? More armor or more maneuverability? Launch a sneak stealth attack or go in guns blazing?

As one expands their command, the requirements to keep everyone in the fleet alive increase. More crewmates will also be needed to keep everything running smooth. Different ships and designs allow for specific uses that will help ensure a successful and bright future for the entire fleet.

Recently, Mark Morris and Chris Delay of Introversion Software released The Last Starship – Creative Mode video, that takes a deep dive into the Ship Editor and combat matching system. The video goes on to show how to design a powerful ship using one’s imagination. Afterwards the game can analyze and evaluate the vessel while also creating a foe of similar strength to test out the ship’s combat readiness.

A demo for The Last Starship was released during Steam Next Fest February 2023 Edition. The demo is still available for play on Steam as of this article’s posting.

The Last Starship is now available in Early Access on PC via Humble Bundle, GOG, and Steam for $29.99. For more information visit

The Last Starship – Trailer | Introversion Software

Introversion Software (@IVSoftware Twitter, @introversionsoftware Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game developer and publisher. Founded in 2001 by three university students, the company has seen huge success with their portfolio that includes Uplink, DEFCON, Darwinia, Multiwinia, Scanner Sombre, and Prison Architect which was later acquired by Paradox Interactive in January 2019. Currently the studio is busy working on The Last Starship.

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