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Bandit Simulator Demo Available on Steam

Independent development studio Titanite Games have released a new free Steam demo for Bandit Simulator, their upcoming adventurous outlaw title.

Several game genres including role-playing, simulation, gambling, and brawling combine to create Bandit Simulator. Besides stealing, players will interact with NPCs, earn Bandit Respect, and fight their way to the top of the scoundrel food chain.

Since the demo’s June 2021 initial release, the demo has received multiple updates and upgrades. Returning demo players will notice some of the art across the game has been upgraded including color and material changes. A more dynamic fighting system has been developed making for a more rewarding player experience. Both the level of humor and abstraction have increased across the game.

The main features in the latest demo include a bar brawl fight during the opening moments. Players can let their destructive cut loose and have a go at several destructible environment elements such as tables.

Randomly picked up items, like bottles, can be used as weapons in fights via hitting or throwing. Players can also try out kicking to knock enemies back. Slapping enemies will stun them and heavy punch will knock them down. To accompany these fantastic fights are new attack animations.

Follow the The Chicken to reveal part of the game’s crazy story. Speaking of animals, players can also try out pig throwing.

In addition to the above the game has a wide open world ripe for exploration and exploitation. When questing becomes tiresome, one can learn the art of the steal. As in steal everything and escape the law. Coin, bread, and even pigs are up for grabs. After stealing the loot, players can give the vendor the middle finger as they run away with the goods firmly establishing themselves as a force of mayhem.

Bandit Simulator has a yet to announce a release date. The Bandit Simulator demo is available free to play on Steam for Windows PC. Interested players can wishlist the game now on Steam. For more information visit the game’s product page on the developer’s website or on Steam.

Bandit Simulator – Steam Festival Trailer | Titanite Games

Titanite Games S.A. (@TitaniteGames Twitter, YouTube) is a game production studio based in Poland that also makes visual novels under the Titanite Novels label. The independent studio is headed by Daniel Miszkiel, who has seen more than ten years of success as a creator and designer in the game industry. Miszkiel is also a co-founder of One More Level, the developer behind Ghostrunner. Previously the studio’s team operated under the name Tap It Games.