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Flame Keeper Closed Beta Sign Ups

Untold Tales and developer Kautki Cave have opened sign ups for the upcoming Closed Beta of their action roguelite game Flame Keeper. The Closed Beta begins on January 30, 2023, and will feature all currently implemented content.

Restore the fire to the Eternal Flame by draining one’s life. As a burning piece of coal named Ignis, players will need to strike a balance between progression and staying alive. Darkness and monsters fill the world. Each mistake offers a chance to adapt tactics, skills, and abilities.

A multitude of moves and attacks are available for use against the hordes of enemies. Punch combos, fiery dashes, area-of-effect stomps, and powerful finishers dish out varying amounts of deadly damage. In each biome unique foes and increasingly difficult obstacles fill the path forward. Learning their tricks is necessary to overcome these challenges.

To progress, players will need to upgrade Ignis via skills and passive abilities. Skills can be mixed and matched to create many different builds. Restoring the Eternal Flame requires players to seek out what remains of its energy in each environment and transfer it back into each stage’s Fire Camp. The balance between staying alive and fighting while progressing is everything.

Vulpis Village lies at the start of each level. Here players can rest, enhance abilities, rebuild, and upgrade structures based on the resources collected.

Closed Beta sign ups for Flame Keeper can be done on the game’s Steam page now. Players who are selected for the Closed Beta will be notified by Valve. Those who gain access to the Beta will get to play the most up-to-date version of the game with all current implemented content, levels and mechanics.

Flame Keeper will be heading to PC and consoles in 2023. Players are encouraged to join the Flame Keeper Discord to stay current on the game’s development progress. For more information follow @flamekeepergame on Twitter, like @flamekeepergame on Facebook, or visit

Flame Keeper – Playtest Sign Ups Now Open | Untold Tales

Untold Tales (@UntoldTalesHQ Twitter, @untoldtalesgames Facebook, YouTube) is a specialist game publisher with a soft spot for games with a unique story to tell. Based in Poland, the publisher’s team features a collection of industry veterans who have seen both the good and the bad of all things in game publishing.

Kautki Cave is a subsidiary of Untold Tales. The Polish game developer was founded by former members of Techland, Awaken Realms, and T-Bull Games.