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Startup Company Console Edition Pre-Orders

2Awesome Studio has announced that console pre-orders for the business sandbox simulation game Startup Company Console Edition are now live.

Players start as the CEO of a small startup company with a dream to become the most valuable company in history. Eager to grow, players will use a small investment to build an amazing website and compete against the largest tech giants around.

From social media to competitive streaming service, players will select an area of expertise for their website. Offices need to be setup that provide the perfect work environment for employees. A wide selection of offices are available that will grow alongside the company.

To fill the office with employees, players will want to hire and train the best. Workplace happiness is key to retaining employees and keeping offers from competitors at bay.

As the company expands, so will its web traffic. Server configuration is critical to maintaining an operational website. With time, the company will move from virtual servers to its own fully featured hosting center and become a major tech player.

The Hovgaard Games developed title is being ported and console published by 2Awesome Studio. Previously in April, 2020, Startup Company fully launched PC after being in Early Access for nearly three years. Since the game’s launch on PC, over 400,000 entrepreneurs have taken up the call of starting their own business in the game.

Startup Company Console Edition pre-orders are available on Nintendo Switch and Xbox for $11.69. When the game releases on January 26, 2023, the retail price will be set at $12.99. For PlayStation, the wishlist option is available. The PC version of Startup Company is available from Humble Bundle and Steam for $12.99. Visit the game’s product pages for more information.

Startup Company Console Edition – Announcement Trailer | 2Awesome Studio

2Awesome Studio (@2AwesomeStudio Twitter, @2awesomestudio Facebook, YouTube) is a Dutch independent game development studio composed of David Jimenez and Alejandro Santiago. Both of whom are originally from Barcelona, Spain, met in 2006 while working as engineers at the European Space Agency. In 2009 the two teamed together and started sharing their passion for video game development with 2Awesome Studio being founded in 2013. The studio, since its start, has worked on several projects including Dimension DriveInferno 2, Back to Bed, Lost Wing, and Aeon Drive.

Hovgaard Games (@hovgaardgames Twitter, @hovgaardgames Facebook, YouTube) is an independent game studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Building high-quality casual management games is the studio’s primary focus. In addition, the studio strives to share their tooling and help other indie game studios. The studio’s portfolio contains Startup Company, Big Ambitions and Localizor, a SaaS solution tool.

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