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Cyber Combat Tron-like FPS Announced

Independent solo developer Ofir Agami has announced that a new movement oriented FPS, Cyber Combat, is heading to Steam. The Tron-like visual aesthetic first person shooter is planned for a summer release.

As an extremely fast paced shooter, Cyber Combat draws inspiration from other shooters such as Doom, Ultrakill, and Ghostrunner. Real life sports also inspires the game’s movement mechanics.

All of the world’s elements draw inspiration from many sci-fi and futuristic themes seen in movies like Tron. This art style was chosen to allow for quick and efficient level creation. Both custom shaders and procedural animations heavily impact the visuals. A high tempo, fast paced original soundtrack helps to fill the world with futuristic sounds that compliments the visual aesthetics.

Part of the player’s gear is a grappling hook. To quickly traverse the arena players will want to utilize the hook and their momentum. The grappling hook also offers a means of survival through escape. Players can hop, skip, and jump their way through the levels.

Chaos is everywhere in breakneck combat speed. Push spherical enemies around with shotguns. Collide enemies with each other to deal damage with physics-based chain reactions.

Opponents can be blasted into a red mist. Dashing and wall-running can help create opportunities for players to flank enemies and wipe them out. Use an arsenal of weapons that feature both a primary and an alt fire to obliterate enemies in a bullet storm. From shotguns to rocket launchers there is plenty of firepower to get the job done.

Cyber Combat is coming to Steam in summer 2023. Interested players can now add the game to their Steam wishlists. Follow @CyberCombatGame on Twitter or join the game’s official Discord for more information.

Cyber Combat – Announcement Trailer | Ofir Agami

Ofir Agami (@AgamiOfir Twitter, YouTube) is an indie solo developer. Agami is a professional software developer that is a musician by heart and a huge lover of action games. Being a fan of Doom and Rocket League, he tried to find a game that combine fluid movement seen in real world sports games with the pace and power of old school shooters. The lack of such a game led him to begin development on Cyber Combat.