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Midnight Ghost Hunt Update 5, The Christmas Update

Coffee Stain Publishing and Vaulted Sky Games is full of holiday cheer and have released Update 5, The Christmas Update for their ghost-filled multiplayer hide-and-seek prop game, Midnight Ghost Hunt. Plus there is a 50% discount on Steam during the holidays.

The holidays are here and so is a new Christmas themed Mall map for Midnight Ghost Hunt. Fully decked out in retro 1980s style, this once bustling place of commerce is now left to ruin. All of the cheerful holiday decorations help set the scene for this now spooky plaza.

Inside the Mall map are several treats for players. Many homages to classic stores can be seen such as Clockbuster Video or the Ghosts B Us toy store. There is even a little café called The Coffee Stain. For those who like to shop around, the clothing store has some dusty racks with items worth trying on.

Two new hero props are also located in the Mall. An animatronic Santa is ready to squeeze every drop of holiday joy from Hunters for five seconds at a time. Naturally Santa needs his little helpers, so in comes the Elf hero prop. These little helpers are ready to spread their sinister take on the holidays by throwing ghastly gifts at Hunters. As an added bonus these gifts can also be possessed.

Holiday-themed skins are here to help both Hunters and Ghosts get into the right mode. The Jolly Hunter is covered in traditional holiday attire with some Christmas light-inspired gear. Ghosts can get their holiday kick with the Krampus Ghost skin. This goat-horned skin features tattered robes and takes inspiration from European folklore.

This update features a new progression tier system. Every 25 levels, players are promoted to a new tier that includes a unique picture border and title to display. Each tier also has its own ranks.

Bots have seen a range of improvements that include how they navigate maps and fire weapons. Further improvement on bots is planned for 2023.

A new song for the Midnight Ghost Hunt soundtrack is out with the update’s release. Titled Scarythingsinthedark.jpeg (with Brick Jones) also accompanies an extended version of Where Are You? and The Dark. All three of these songs have been added or updated in the in0game Boombox.

For a more detailed list of changes in Update 5, The Christmas Update, is available on the Dev Blog post here.

Midnight Ghost Hunt is available in Early Access for Windows PC via Humble Bundle and Steam for $19.99. The game is currently on sale with a 50% Steam discount from December 22, 2022 to January 5, 2023. An Early Backer Bundle is available on Humble Bundle and Steam that includes the base game, Early Backer DLC pack, and soundtrack. Follow @PlayMGH on Twitter, join the official Discord or visit for more information.

Midnight Ghost Hunt – Update 5 Announcement (Christmas Update) | Vaulted Sky Games

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